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Lancaster University Singapore: Worth it or Not?


Want to pursue UK higher education at Lancaster University Singapore, but not sure if it’s worth it? Find out by reading this detailed review!

But before we dive in, let’s get some frequently asked questions out of the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Lancaster University known for?

    Earning its worldwide reputation for its excellence in research and teaching, Lancaster is known to be among the top-ranked universities on a global scale.

  2. Is Lancaster University free?

    Lancaster University is actually one of the universities that offer free (yes, free!) online courses together with FutureLearn, a British digital education platform. You will only need a computer, tablet, or phone to start learning! Just register to join any of the courses that they offer by going to this link.

  3. Is Lancaster University competitive?

    For 2022, Lancaster ranked in the top 15 of the UK university league tables which reflect the performance of universities. Check out its ranking among 120 other UK universities in the three major UK league tables below:

  4. Is Lancaster University public or private?

    Lancaster University, legally called The University of Lancaster, is a public research university.

  5. Why isn’t Lancaster a Russell Group University?

    Russell group, a collection of 24 leading universities in the UK, was established at a time when Lancaster was not yet as highly ranked and globally reputed as it is today.

  6. Is Lancaster Uni safe?

    In 2018, Times Higher Education asked 20,000 students the extent to which they agreed that their university offered “good security” for a survey on the safest UK universities. Lancaster earned the 3rd spot, making it one of the safest UK universities according to its own students.


All About Lancaster University

Now that you know the answers to the frequently asked questions about Lancaster University Singapore, you’re ready to plunge right in! Below, you’ll be reading about the university’s background, location, programmes, admission requirements, employability, and more.


1. Background

Established by the Royal Charter in 1964, Lancaster University is a top-ranked global university that offers over 280 programmes to UK students and international students. It is one of the few universities in the UK to have a collegiate system, meaning it is divided into a number of different colleges that make up smaller academic groups. Moreover, the collegiate university is known for its international community, as well as its provision of inspiring teaching and multidisciplinary research.

If you want to find out more about the nine individual colleges at Lancaster University, then visit this page.


Rankings and Accreditation

Firstly, I’d like to tell you more about the school’s reputation based on the three most respected UK university guides I mentioned earlier. According to them, Lancaster University belongs to the elite group of top ten universities in the UK—joining Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, the London School of Economics, and other prestigious schools.

Secondly, Lancaster’s Management School usually sits at the top of the ranks in the UK, joining the list of highly ranked management and business schools in the world.

Thirdly, their Department of Linguistics and English Language placed 2nd in the UK rankings for Linguistics in The Times Good University Guide (2020) and 12th in the world for Linguistics in the QS World University Rankings (2020).

True to its reputation for being among the best, the collegiate university is one of only five institutions across the globe to achieve the International Accommodation Quality Mark. Further, the school achieved a quadruple accreditation from respectable accrediting bodies.

If you want to read more about their accreditation, then visit their official webpage.


2. Location

Lancaster University is located at Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW, United Kingdom.


Campus, Facilities, and Amenities

The collegiate university’s 560-acre campus, the Bailrigg campus, is located close to Manchester and the Lake District. Besides providing excellent service in the fields of teaching and research, Lancaster University also offers award-winning facilities to students on its beautiful campus.

For eight years since 2010, Lancaster University has won the award “Best University Halls” for its outstanding accommodation to students, graduates, and families. Moreover, the university’s own theatre, the Nuffield Theatre, is one of the largest professional studio theatres on the continent. This facility hosts public performances, contemporary dance, live art, and all other events from some of the well-known and respected companies from the UK and abroad. Furthermore, their small gem of a contemporary art gallery, the Peter Scott Gallery, features the university’s international art collection.

If you’re looking for more information about the facilities found at Lancaster University, then check out this page.


Student Accommodation

International students seeking to live near Lancaster University can enjoy on and off-campus options for accommodation. The bed spaces that the school offers for its students almost total up to 7,000. If you are one of the many Singapore students who would like to study abroad, you can avail yourself of a bed space offered by the university itself. Check out their on-campus housing on this page.


3. Programmes

Lancaster University offers a variety of postgraduate and undergraduate degrees from the following subject areas: Arts and Social Sciences, Health and Medicine, Management School, and Science and Technology.

If you want a list of undergraduate degree programmes offered by Lancaster University, visit this link. Also, for a full list of postgraduate courses, you may go to this page.



The number of years it will take for you to finish a full-time undergraduate degree at Lancaster ranges from 3 to 4 years. For postgraduate degrees, the duration ranges from 1 to 4 years, depending on your mode of study.

At Lancaster University, some degree schemes allow you to change your study mode from full-time to part-time and vice versa. To do so, you will only need to follow the instructions found on this page.


4. Admission Requirements

There are certain qualifications that you must meet in order to become eligible to pursue a course at Lancaster. If you want to apply for an undergraduate degree programme, you need to satisfy some requirements. Certain grades, English proficiency, required subjects, and other qualifications specific to your course of interest are the things you need to consider before applying. For international students, additional requirements must be satisfied on top of meeting the aforementioned qualifications.

For postgraduate degrees, prospective students will also need to meet academic requirements and English language requirements. Some courses will require a viable research proposal as part of the application. Here’s the guide provided by the school for writing the proposal.



The course fees vary depending on a number of things. Subject area, study mode, and whether you are a UK student or an international student are some of them.

For UK students, the course fee for undergraduate degree programmes goes from £5,995 to £11,990 (S$10,700-S$21,430) per year. For international students, undergraduate degrees range from £12,850 to £25,700 (S$22,970S$45,940) per year.

On the other hand, postgraduate courses go from £2,000 to £25,000 (S$3,575S$44,690) per year for UK students and £9,295 to £34,500 (S$16,615S$61,670) per year for international students.

Lancaster provides bursaries to students with funding concerns as well as scholarships to those who excel in academics. You can find out more about their bursaries and scholarships on this webpage.


5. Employability

According to Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019 and Complete University Guide 2021, Lancaster is the 3rd best university in the UK for graduate prospects. This may be translated to a high rate of employability for students after graduation. In addition, academic employability tutors are there to give students advice and guide them in the right direction. Further, students are given work experiences or internships so they could have the chance to know what professional life feels like.


So, what are your thoughts? Is Lancaster University Singapore worth it or not? In any case, I hope this review helped you get a better idea of what this school has to offer. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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