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Inkmypapers vs. UKEssays – Features & Price comparison

inkmypapers vs ukessays

How does inkmypapers compare to UKEssays? Let’s compare the features and facts.


1. UK Essays

  • In business since 2003
  • Based in UK
  • Reachable by UK telephone
  • Writers are mostly from the UK and has good reviews
  • Accept a broad range of subjects such as Engineering and Computing
  • Around S$280 per 1,000 words

UKEssays is one of the first essay writing service on the internet and is currently led by a UK lawyer. The service has offered fantastic guarantees including grade guarantees but this is subjected to their in-house grading assessment, rather than the actual grade that you get. While they provide excellent quality, their price is quite steep especially for students. Also, if you are a student studying in Singapore, they may find it hard to provide the Singapore context needed for certain assignments. Also, since there is a huge time-zone difference (UK time is 8 hours before Singapore’s time), it may be inconvenient for you to contact them at the right time.

2. Inkmypapers

  • In business since 2010 and serves mainly the Singapore market
  • Based in Changi, Singapore
  • Reachable by phone, Whatsapp, telegram, Wechat, and even face-to-face
  • Writers are mostly from Singapore
  • Great feedback from customers and have strict quality control
  • Around S$180 per 1,000 words

Inkmypapers started business 7 years later than UKEssays in 2010, but it has also been in the business for more than 10 years. While it does not have broad expertise like UKEssays even in areas like architecture, Inkmypapers specialises in areas like social sciences, nursing, military and business topics, among others. The company’s team of writers are also highly qualified, with most of them from the top 3 most prestigious Universities in Singapore (NUS, NTU and SMU). Moreover, with their strict quality control and ability to provide the Singapore context, Inkmypapers is a great fit for students studying in Singapore. More importantly, Inkmypapers is more than 30% cheaper than UKEssays.


So which essay service is better for you? It really depends on your needs and want. UK Essays take on a very broad range of topics some of which Inkmypapers do not offer. However, the high price of UK Essays will cost a fortune especially if you have multiple assignments or assignments that are really long. For students studying in Singapore, a local service like Inkmypapers offer several advantages like understanding the Singapore context and easy communication, while also providing great value for the money you paid.


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