Inkmypapers Review: Are they a SCAM?!

Inkmypapers review: Are they a SCAM?!

You want to try inkmypapers, but are they a scam?

If you are here, it means that you are looking for inkmypapers reviews and wanted to try them. But, you just want to be sure that they are worth it, and not just a scam. Here’s some of the reviews found online, and we’d explain each and everyone of them.

1. Firstly, they have many real reviews from existing customers

Their testimonial site offers screenshot of comments from their existing customers. You can see it on their testimonial webpage.

There’s also many real reviews from customers on their Google review page here.

2. Negative reviews as well?! But are these reviews real?

By Googling, here are some negative reviews such as those shown here, and here.

But are they credible?

If you look closely, these “reviews” are posted on so-called essay review website that are created only to promote their partners’ services by bashing other services. You can see them advertising these services:



We have actually emailed them regarding the order which the reviews are written for since we do not recall any order that fits their descriptions. We are told that for them to remove these ‘fake reviews’ we can opt to become their partners at $98 a year.

We refuse to fall for such scare tactics and have since cut all communications with them.

As you can see, these reviews are fake, and written solely to bash competitors to promote their services.

3. But you are inkmypapers! Of course you say good things about it!

Yes you may be right, but we try to be as objective as we can with regards to inkmypapers review. We believe in doing things properly so we are saddened to see how we are getting bad reviews that are clearly fake. 🙁

We welcome our customers to post comments about us on Google reviews and we will definitely acknowledge them as long as they are real.

We have a few customers clarifying about these reviews with us so we thought this will be a good place to clarify some of the fake news going about.

Ultimately, you should look at a few sources and determine if we are a good fit for you. We offer the first 100 words at only $8 so you can at least test our services out.

Like to try us out?

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