Hunting for a Job During a Pandemic

Hunting for a Job During a Pandemic


Landing a job fresh out of university is no easy feat. Getting hired in the current pandemic times is even more difficult, to say the least. With the pandemic regulations mandated by the government, work-from-home practices and loss of profit for many businesses, navigating the job market has become tougher than ever.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the job market, Singapore recorded a fall in total employment of over 172,000 jobs in 2020. The country had an unemployment rate of 4.5% by December 2020, the highest in the last 10 years.

However, the good news is that the labour market indicators for the first quarter of 2021 show that there is a continued recovery from the impact of the pandemic in 2020. However, we are not out of the woods yet and job seekers will need to adopt a different approach in their job hunting journey during these uncertain times to stand out from other eager applicants. Read on to find out some tips to increase your chances of landing a job during a pandemic.

1. Get Comfortable Networking Online

Since job fairs and other networking events or opportunities may not be happening for a long time, it makes sense to do your own networking and build useful connections over the internet to enhance your chances of landing your dream job in your preferred industry.

There are many ways of networking online. For starters, you can start by polishing and updating your LinkedIn profile with achievements you have recently attained in relevant fields to create a more professional and employable profile. You can also take the time to join professional groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to create more connections. Enhance your visibility in these groups by starting quality conversations, providing valuable feedback in other posts, and posting relevant high-quality, thought-provoking articles and posts relevant to your ideal industry.

More importantly, aim to be an authority in relevant areas by demonstrating your expertise whenever an opportunity arises. The more professionals you engage with the wider your reach, and the further you can cast your net for jobs.

2. Keep in Touch

Let’s say you are one of the lucky few who got invited for an interview and you feel like you aced the interview. But since most hiring managers are working from home, replies might take longer. Rather than waiting by the phone waiting to receive good news, take a more proactive role by checking in with the manager via email a few days after the interview. The goal is not to rush the hiring authorities but to seek to know the progress in a more thoughtful and understanding manner.

They might not have an answer for you yet, but you can still use the opportunity to build your network and connections. Who knows, they might just remember you the next time a suitable role comes up.

3. Consider Doing an Internship

If the company that you wish to work for is not hiring full-time staff at the moment, you might want to consider taking on an internship role instead. There are many benefits of doing an internship. Other than giving your resume and portfolio a boost, it ensures that you are still being paid while you wait for a full-time opportunity.

It is also a good chance for you to learn valuable workplace communication skills while acquiring useful knowledge from other professionals in the industry. Furthermore, an internship provides you with a chance to be mentored by industry professionals which can open up more networking opportunities in future. Most companies will also consider converting interns to full-time employees once the internship period is over, depending on their performance.

4. Wait It Out

If you are not in a hurry and can afford to live comfortably while being unemployed, you might want to consider waiting until the job market improves for more opportunities. When the situation improves, the job market might not be as competitive as it is now and some companies may even be willing to pay higher salaries as the economy recovers slowly.

Meanwhile, you can start dabbling with taking on freelance gigs to continue adding to your portfolio to ensure a steady flow of income during this period of time.

Searching for a job during the pandemic is hardly easy, give our tips a shot and increase your chances of getting employed today.

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