HS8287: Use transcript analysis and reflective practice to transcribe and analyse part of a taped role play dialogues with a fellow student. Caring & Communication in Cancer Care assignment

HS8287: Use transcript analysis and reflective practice to transcribe and analyse part of a taped role play dialogues with a fellow student. Caring & Communication in Cancer Care assignment

Module / Subject / School:

HS8287 Caring & Communication in Cancer Care

Nanyang Polytechnic


Assignment requirement
This assignment is on personal communication skills using transcript analysis and reflective practice. It will require the students to transcribe and analyse part of a taped role play dialogues with a fellow student.

• Choose one of the four given scenarios to role play and tape this interaction.
• The taped role play can be up to 10 minutes in length, of which 5 minutes are chosen for transcription and analysis.

Essay content:
• Identify the chosen role play and address relevant areas of arguments.
• Set the scene by considering the reason for the chosen role play, including the aim(s) to achieve in the role play scenario and the rationale for selecting the particular section of transcript for analysis.
• Identify and analyse some of the communication skills utilised in the role play, including barriers to communication.
• Consider the psycho-social-emotional impact of cancer and how this influenced the communication process in the role play.
• Analyse the strengths and weaknesses in communication.
• Discuss succinctly how improvements could be made for the future.
• Do utilise relevant research informing good practice in communication.
• A copy of the transcript for the role play is to attach in the appendix so that the students can make reference to it in the essay.

Role play scenarios
Scenario 1
You are the nurse in-charge of a morning shift. The haematology team has just finished reviewing Kevin, a 25-year-old diagnosed with relapsed acute myeloid leukaemia, a year after his allogenic stem cell transplantation. After the team left the room, Kevin suddenly asks you, ‘So, how long more do I have?’. Your role play will focus on communicating with Kevin’s query on his concerns on prognosis, death and dying issues.

Scenario 2
You are working in an ambulatory therapy centre. Lorna, a 48-year-old patient diagnosed with early breast cancer is supposed to have arrived for her scheduled chemotherapy. However, Lorna is still absent from your centre. When you call Lorna on her mobile phone, she became agitated and declined chemotherapy. She has cited ‘the moon, the star and the sun are not in alignment’, and therefore ‘It is a bad day’. Your role play will focus on supporting Lorna at this point of time.

Scenario 3
You are working in a medical oncology unit. Mr Tan is first admitted with superior vena cava obstruction, and soon diagnosed as having mediastinal germ cell tumour. Mr Tan is married with 2 sons, aged 5 and 7. His wife, Mrs Tan, is the main spokesperson because Mr Tan is too breathless to speak. Mrs Tan has approached you because she is unsure how and what to tell their young children about Mr Tan’s cancer diagnosis. Your role play will focus on encouraging Mrs Tan to talk about how she is feeling and supporting her on communicating with their children.

Scenario 4
You are working in an isolated ward. Tina is 24-year-old, single but has a steady partner. Tina is in an isolation room following an episode of neutropenia sepsis. Tina is found in tears, staring at the mirror in the shower room. She is clearly upset, saying that she cannot bear to see herself in the mirror because she looks ‘horrible’. She has suffered massive weight and hair loss due to the cancer therapies. Your role play will focus on exploring the body image, self-concept and sexuality with Tina.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the concepts.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:


  • Make sure you choose one of the four given scenarios to role play and tape the interaction with a fellow student. Select a scenario that interests you and allows for a comprehensive analysis of communication skills and challenges.
  • Pay attention to the length of the taped role play; it should be up to 10 minutes, with 5 minutes selected for transcription and analysis. Ensure that the chosen section is significant and relevant to the communication aspects you plan to address in your essay.

Essay content:

  • In the introduction, clearly identify the chosen role play scenario and explain why you selected it. Provide context on the aim(s) of the role play and the rationale for analyzing the specific transcript section. This will set the scene for your readers and help them understand the focus of your analysis.
  • When analyzing the communication skills used in the role play, be specific about the techniques and strategies employed. Consider both verbal and non-verbal communication elements. Discuss any barriers to communication that arose during the interaction and how they were handled.
  • For the scenario involving cancer, pay attention to the psycho-social-emotional impact it may have had on the communication process. Explore how emotions and psychological factors influenced the exchange between the participants.
  • When analyzing the strengths and weaknesses in communication, provide concrete examples from the role play. Explain how effective communication contributed to positive outcomes and how communication gaps could be improved in the future.
  • When discussing potential improvements, consider drawing on relevant research and best practices in communication. This will demonstrate your understanding of evidence-based approaches to effective communication.
  • Remember to include the transcript of the role play in the appendix and refer to it appropriately in your essay. Directly quote relevant sections of the transcript to support your analysis.

Role play scenarios:

  • When role-playing your chosen scenario, immerse yourself in the role to ensure a realistic and authentic interaction. Focus on the communication dynamics between the characters involved.
  • For each scenario, pay attention to the unique challenges and nuances of the situation. Address the specific communication needs of the participants in your analysis.
  • Demonstrate empathy and sensitivity in your role play, especially in scenarios involving cancer and emotions. Show understanding and support for the feelings and concerns of the characters.

Overall, make sure your essay is well-organized, clear, and supported by evidence from the role play transcript and relevant research. Use a reflective approach to analyze your communication skills and consider how you can improve for future scenarios.

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