HS3202: This assignment requires you to write on a management concept which you have encountered in the clinical setting

HS3202: This assignment requires you to write on a management concept which you have encountered in the clinical setting

Module / Subject / School:

HS3202: Management and Leadership
Nanyang Polytechnic


Each student is required to write an individual assignment, not exceeding 1200 words. This written work must be an individual effort. Each student is to write on ONE of the following management concepts which you have encountered in the clinical setting: teamwork, conflict management, change management, or quality management.

The content that you need to include is as follows:

  • Introduction – State the intent of your assignment.
  • Description of Clinical Experience – Provide a clear, concise summary of your selected clinical situation including who, what, where, why and how of the situation.
  • Theoretical Analysis/Application – Discuss how you would have handled the situation using one of the management concepts. Literature references need to be clearly specified and applied appropriately.
  • Implications for Professional Practice and Management – Write a clear, concise analysis of:
    • What you learned from this experience?
    • How will this benefit you in your career?
    • Include an appropriate SNB Code for Nurses and Midwives (2018) that applies to this experience.
  • Conclusion

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

As you already know, this assessment requires you to write about how you would have handled a certain situation from your clinical experience using one of the management concepts that you have learned. One thing you should be aware of is that a lot of students tend to give a vague description of the clinical situation that they’ve had. As a consequence, they had a harder time making a clear and concise analysis of their experience, leading to low marks.

And so, a good strategy to score high in this assignment is to first decide on a specific clinical incident that you have experienced that would allow you to give an elaborate or detailed description of the situation. Make sure that the previous experience you have chosen is something that you can remember vividly to be able to paint a clear picture of it. Once you’ve done this, the next thing to do is to pick an appropriate management concept that suits the situation. If you do this, it may become easier for you to provide a theoretical analysis of the situation and write about its implications for professional practice and management.

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