HRM09704: Assignment 2, Advice 1

HRM09704: Assignment 2, Advice 1

Module / Subject / School:

HRM09704: Managing the Employment Relationship

Edinburgh Napier University


General advice

  • Use report format & style
  • Use referencing
  • Stick to the word limit, using appendices for extra material if appropriate
  • Answer what was asked

Assignment 2

Write a report to the Managing Director of Starfish Oil focusing on the following key issues:

  • How can the company improve their policies and procedures so that all staff feel they can adequately voice their concerns and get the resolution to problems?
  • What approach could the company take to resolve perceptions of unfairness relating to rates of pay, allocation of shifts, use of contractors and overtime?
  • The assignment should be approximately 2,500 words in length.


  • To cut costs while increasing production in Asia, a real need to retain skilled staff in order to resource valuable and profitable drilling, production and support projects.
  • Staff in Singapore have informally complained to union reps that senior managers show ‘favouritism’ to key staff, offering the best shifts and opportunities for overtime.
  • However, these complaints rarely progress to formal grievances, as this is not encouraged within the company.
  • Work rostering
  • Low levels of job satisfaction and high levels of intention to quit amongst staff
  • Enterprise union – no agreement on substantive matters

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

Before starting with this assignment, it is important that you read the questions well, because your understanding of the questions will highly influence your mark. If you are not able to do this from the start, you might struggle early on, which will ultimately bring about a poor-written output. It is a common practice for students to proceed without analysing what is being asked in the first place, so this is your reminder to avoid that pitfall. It is also crucial to plan out the points you will be discussing since is it very easy to get lost in the process of creating a report that requires approximately 2,500 words.

You should be able to create a well-researched report addressed to the Managing Director of the company Starfish Oil with a focal point on the issues mentioned in the instructions. Be sure to use the appropriate references in your report, as this will also affect your mark. Students must be critical in providing suitable refinements in their regulations that are effective in resolving the employees’ concerns and problems. Further, the students must be able to write a strategic method that the company could develop to enable them to sort out the staff’s perceptions of unfairness. This includes unequal pay, shift scheduling, as well as overtime and the use of contractors. Besides all this, you will also need to include an explanation as to why it is necessary to implement the specific changes and strategies that you have provided.

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