How to choose the right essay service

How to choose the right essay service.

OK, so you’ve decided to use an essay service for your assignment. But how are you going to choose one that is trustworthy?


Choosing the wrong essay service may mean failing your module. And failing your module may in turn result in you failing your course altogether.


The stakes are high. Here we show you the 8 critical features that you must look out for.

Which country is the essay service based in?

Follow the step-by-step form over at our order page. The form will provide you with a price quotation for the essay you want us to do, as well as providing us with the crucial information that we need to successfully complete your essay.


What is their price point?

After completing the order form, you can pay for the essay through credit card. If you’d like to pay through a bank transfer, do inform us and we will arrange for it.


Are they easily contactable?

After the payment goes through, you will receive an email from us confirming the order. The email contains a link which you can use to check for updates.


Check the quality of their previous works

Once our writer has completed the essay, it will be sent to our Quality Assurance team for editing and proofreading.


Do they provide any plagiarism report or quality checklist?

When the Quality Assurance team are finished reviewing the essay, you will receive a confirmation email from us. At this point you can use the same dropbox link to download the completed essay.



the-endAnd that will be all!