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Have a Paper Due in 3 Days? Here’s What You Should Do

Have a Paper Due in 3 Days

The clock is ticking, your sweat beads are trickling, 2 minutes to 2359, the page is still loading, you click on the submit button frantically and then finally – “Your work is submitted”. You heave a sigh of relief and plonk right onto your bed for a good night’s sleep. After all, you deserve a good rest after working for 8 hours straight to finish up a research paper on school right after you knocked off from work. 

Does this sound exactly like you everytime submission season is around the corner? You’re not the only one. Here at inkmypapers, we totally understand the stress that comes with juggling both work and school – there is barely any time left to rest! Therefore, we have taken the liberty to come up with some helpful tips on how to finish your next research paper or essay in 3 short days! Begone, sleepless nights. 

1. Research is Key (Day 1)

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” These wise words from Benjamin Franklin (founding father of the United States of America) are definitely familiar to all students in Singapore, since it is widely used by Singaporean teachers. The essence of the quote basically conveys that planning is the key to success, which brings us to our point – sufficient preparation and strong research is essential for a well written essay or research paper. 

After deciding on a topic, be sure to do extensive research to ensure that you have enough points, information and data to support your thesis in the paper. A good way to do this would be to copy and paste chunks of useful information related to your chosen topic into a blank word document. Rearrange and separate the information into coherent paragraphs or points to determine if you will be able to expound on the topic and build onto the information that you have found online. Once this is done, you are ready to start working on your paper.

2. Craft Your Outline (Day 2)

An outline is essentially the master plan of your paper, you should never write an essay or research paper without first doing up an outline. Crafting an outline in a clear format will allow you to take a second look at your main ideas and organise your thoughts to structure your arguments in a coherent manner. It also ensures that you will not miss out any points while writing.

At this stage, you should be writing your points and supporting data in full sentences succinctly, with little elaboration. Your outline should cover every main point, subtopic, subdivision but not furnished with minute details. To make things more efficient when you start writing your assignment,  you can insert links beside supporting points so you know where to refer to when you get to that part of the paper. After your outline is finalised, you can start writing your research paper with flair like an aficionado. 

3. Get Support From Friends and Family (Day 3)

It is T-24 hours to the submission deadline. Armed with a strong cup of coffee and your well-crafted outline, you are ready to write your entire paper at a go. All that’s left to do is to minimise any distractions. During this pivotal day, be sure to cancel all appointments, meetups with friends, dates and log out of all social media applications. However, other than minimising distractions, take short breaks in between writing paragraphs or every hour as writing a long paper is more of a “marathon” than a “sprint”. Go ahead and snack during short breaks to replenish all the “brain juice” that you will be depleting.

inkmypapers is Here to Help!

If all else fails, you know you can always count on us to help you with anything! Writing a research paper takes time and not every student has the stamina to work on one assignment for three consecutive days. But there is no need to panic as inkmypapers is more than happy to help students like you during difficult times like this with our essay writing, coursework writing and research paper writing services. Simply contact us through our website today to find out more. 

Crafting a full research paper in three days is a tough feat that requires a lot of discipline, if you rather not go through the trouble of writing, let inkmypapers do the work for you and your grades will be in safe hands. 


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