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We will perfect your papers with on-point English, grammar, sentence and content editing, with the help of brilliant Singaporean experts. Your paper will be checked and double-checked to impress, read great and have a better flow.

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Who Can Benefit From Our Grammar Check Service?

Since 2009, We have helped correct grammatical errors for more than 6,000 Singaporeans.


Full-time & Part-time Students

Grammar and general language usage are absolutely crucial for any assignment as it can help impress your lecturer and assist in emphasising your points. Our experts, fluent in both British and American English, can help you achieve just that and maximise your assignment’s score.

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Professionals and Executives

Nothing is more unprofessional than work filled with grammatical errors. By using inkmypaper’s grammar check service, you can easily have your work checked for English errors, making sure your work is absolutely perfect, language-wise.

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Whether you have written something for work or personal matters, using our proofreading and grammar check services can help you better achieve the original intended purposes of the work.


Advanced Proofreading
per word
Best Budget Plan
Corrections for grammar, spelling and terminology errors. Improvements in sentence structure for better readability
Complete grammatical correctness
Spelling and punctuation correctness
Rephrasing sentences for correctness
Consistency in layout, citations and references
Editor's Report
Complete Proofreading
per word
Most Popular Plan
Includes all features under Advanced Proofreading and covers improvements in overall structure, organisation, and flow of content
Complete grammatical correctness
Spelling and punctuation correctness
Rephrasing sentences for correctness
Consistency in layout, citations and references
Systematic structural improvement, including restructuring paragraphs to ensure seamless content flow
Unlimited rounds of free re-editing
Editor's Detailed Report and recommendations
per thousand words
Beneficial for students
Offers detailed guidance and recommendations on how to improve your essay/assignment
Detailed content review report
Pointers and recommendations on how to significantly improve your work

Which service is suitable for you?

Advanced Editing

If your work is organised and requires checks for grammatical error and sentence-structure correctness, advanced editing is suitable in making adjustments to perfect the paper.

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Complete Proofreading

If your content is a little disorganised and requires an uplift in how the points are put across. Your work will be proofread on a whole to ensure consistent and logical flow.

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If you are unsure if your essay/assignment is on point, this service will grade your work, and let you know what you did or did not do well, including recommendations on what to include so you can maximise your score.

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“I mean quality bro, can trust inkmypapers work”

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“I have successfully received the assignment from you. Thank you for the impressive work, currently reading it. Looking forward to the [next] essay!”


“It’s beyond my expectations. Appreciate it.”

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“Thanks! I saw it! Thank you very much, really liked the service that you have provided. Especially the swift [response] on updates.”

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