GMED2000: This assessment will require you to work in a group (5-6 students) to develop and record a 15 minute (+/- 10%) presentation

GMED2000: This assessment will require you to work in a group (5-6 students) to develop and record a 15 minute (+/- 10%) presentation

Module / Subject / School:

GMED2000: Applied Bioscience for Health Instability 1

Curtin University


This assessment will require you to work in a group (5-6 students) to develop and record a 15 minute (+/- 10%) presentation. For the presentation, your group must develop an original, fictitious case study of a patient around a medication and provide this online via the Turnitin submission point provided on Blackboard (Bb). The medication topic will be allocated to your group by the Unit Coordinator once groups are established. You may use Powerpoint presentation (PPP) software with accompanying audio files embedded for your group presentation.

This group assessment is worth 20 marks (each group member will receive the same mark for the assessment) and assists you achieve unit learning outcomes: ULOs 1, 2, 3 and 4. All members must take an active role in the presentation. Each team member must contribute equally to the preparation and delivery of the presentation. Students must first sign up to a group for assessment 1 by the end of week 2, Friday 11 th March 2022. Online group sign in sheets are provided in Blackboard.

IMPORTANT: If enrolled students have not signed up by this date then the Unit Coordinator will manually enrol you to a group. This means you will have no choice of which group you will be joining. It is important to complete a Group Contract.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

Excelling in this coursework will require effective teamwork, good communication, and thorough preparation. The first thing you will need to know is that it is important to understand the requirements of the assignment and the unit learning outcomes to ensure your presentation aligns with the goals of the course. To ensure success in the group assessment, it is crucial that all team members take an active role in the preparation and delivery of the presentation. This means making sure each member contributes equally and effectively to the preparation of the presentation.

One effective way to approach this is to have regular meetings and discussions about the case study. Furthermore, you will have to divide the tasks among the team members to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities. This also allows for everyone to share their ideas and provide constructive feedback. Additionally, it is important to utilise the resources available such as the Reading folder provided on the Learning@Griffith 1101 NRS course site and ensure that the sources used in the presentation are appropriately cited using APA7th referencing guidelines.

Last but not least, before submitting the presentation, it is advisable to have a final review of the presentation and to make sure that the audio and PPP software files are embedded correctly. By following these steps, your group can effectively prepare a well-organized and professional presentation that meets the requirements of the course and reflects the learning outcomes of the unit.

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