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Are you a part-time student needing assignment help?

Sometimes you just need some help with your assignment but need a trustworthy service to help you with it. That is why when you order from us, your model assignment is protected by our Sure-pass 200% money-back guarantee.

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Hi, I’m Nick 👋 I was a part-time student previously and was so busy with work and family that I did not have time to understand or work on the school’s assignments. The lecturers were surprisingly not very helpful as well. I ended up looking online for model assignment help but after trying many of them, they all produce fail-quality work. That is when I decided to start inkmypapers to provide quality model assignment help for part-time students like you.

All your orders are backed by our sure-pass 200% money-back guarantee.

That’s right. All your orders will be protected by our famous sure-pass 200% money-back guarantee. In fact, our model assignment answers are regularly graded ‘A’ by third-party school consultants!

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“I received my grades for this assignment. 86/100. Thanks so much!!”

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“I mean quality bro, can trust inkmypapers work”

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How Are We Different From Other Model Assignment Help Services?

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Sure-Pass 200% Money-Back Guarantee

I know I’ve said it before, but I cannot repeat enough of it. We are the only model assignment writing service that focuses so much on producing good quality work that we are willing to provide not just 100%, but 200% money-back guarantee.


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Personal Manager

When you order from us, you will be assigned a personal manager whoi you can contact anytime of the day. All our personal managers and writers are highly experienced and have gone through our strict recruitment process, where they have to pass our test and go through a 2-week training program before they can join us.


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<15% plagiarism rate, guaranteed!

We hate plagiarism and you can be sure that we you order from us, our work will for sure be below 15% plagiarism rate as per turnitin. This goes for every type of order you’ve ordered from us.

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Quality Control

As said above, we have very stringent quality control process which means your work will turn out great. This includes putting all of your orders through our checklist, to make sure it is aligned with our inkmypapers quality.

8 years in business

Started from 2009

We have been around since 2009! That is more than 10 years worth of experience and tens of thousands of model assignments done!


“Inkmypapers… is the ‘only essay writing service’ that provides a ‘sure-pass’ 200 per cent money-back guarantee on any essay”


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What You Get

Other than having hard working people working on your assignment help order, you will also get the following with every order:

—  Model papers of ‘Sure-Pass’ quality, backed by our 200% money-back guarantee
—  Plagiarism Report by Grammarly Premium
—  Quality Control Report
—  5 days Unlimited Revision Period
—  Dedicated Support Manager

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