ED5864: Produce a research report that identifies a complex mental health concern or issue and explore a range of counselling theories and microskills that may be used to support a client with your chosen issue or concern. Advanced Counselling assignment

ED5864: Produce a research report that identifies a complex mental health concern or issue and explore a range of counselling theories and microskills that may be used to support a client with your chosen issue or concern. Advanced Counselling assignment

Module / Subject / School:

ED5864: Advanced Counselling assignment

James Cook University Australia


For this task, you are to produce a research report that identifies a complex mental health concern or issue. You may choose to research more than one issue before you come to a decision about which issue or concern you will use as your focus for this assessment.

Complex mental health concerns could include:
• academic pressures
• work/life balance
• financial pressures
• trauma
• crisis intervention
• grief and loss
• sexual orientation
• family violence
• intergenerational transmission of trauma
• cyber bullying.

As part of your research, you are to explore a range of counselling theories and microskills that may be  used to support a client with your chosen issue or concern. You are to synthesise your research findings and discuss counselling theories and microskills that are suitable to support clients experiencing this life issue using supporting empirical literature. You are to examine and discuss how these approaches may underpin considerations for diversity and ethics and discuss any limitations that may impact their suitability for clients with diverse backgrounds.

Report Structure
You are free to structure your report as you like, however a suggested structure could be:
1. Introduction – Include the main points of your discussion including theoretical concepts
2. Identification of a complex mental health issue – Include statistical information, symptoms, risk/protective factors
3. Analysis of counselling theory and skills and application to mental health issue – Include counselling theories, microskills etc. supported by empirical literature
4. Considerations for diversity/ethics – Include considerations for inclusive practices, ethical considerations etc.
5. Limitations – Discuss the limitations of the counselling practices and skills for work with clients, and how you might address them
6. Conclusion – Include a summary of your main points
7. Reference List – Ensure you use APA formatting and referencing. The reference list is not included in the word count.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of counselling theories and microskills.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

  1. Research focus: To score well in this assignment, it is important to select a complex mental health concern or issue to explore. You have the flexibility to research multiple issues before choosing one as your primary focus. This allows you to engage in in-depth research and select a topic that interests you and aligns with your goals.
  2. Range of complex mental health concerns: The assignment provides a comprehensive list of complex mental health concerns to choose from, including academic pressures, work/life balance, financial pressures, trauma, and more. This variety allows you to explore different aspects of mental health and select an issue that resonates with you.
  3. Integration of counselling theories and microskills: To excel in this assignment, you need to explore various counselling theories and microskills that can be applied to support clients facing the chosen mental health issue. It is important to synthesize your research findings and discuss these theories and skills using empirical literature as support. This demonstrates a strong theoretical foundation and an evidence-based approach to counseling.
  4. Considerations for diversity and ethics: In your report, you should examine how the chosen counseling approaches align with considerations for diversity and ethics. This involves discussing how the theories and microskills can be applied to clients with diverse backgrounds and addressing potential limitations or challenges. A thoughtful exploration of diversity and ethical considerations showcases your understanding of the importance of inclusive practices in counseling.
  5. Report structure: While you have the freedom to structure your report as you see fit, it is recommended to follow a suggested structure. This includes an introduction that highlights the main points of your discussion and provides an overview of theoretical concepts. The identification of the chosen mental health issue should include statistical information, symptoms, and risk/protective factors. The analysis section should delve into counseling theories, microskills, and empirical literature supporting their application. Considerations for diversity/ethics should be discussed, followed by an examination of limitations and potential solutions. Finally, a concise and comprehensive conclusion should summarize the main points of your report.
  6. APA formatting and referencing: It is essential to adhere to APA formatting and referencing guidelines when compiling your reference list. Ensure that you accurately cite your sources and apply appropriate formatting. The reference list does not count towards the word count, so make sure to include all relevant sources to support your research.

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