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East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM): What You Need to Know

East Asia Institute of Management

Have you ever wondered whether pursuing higher studies in East Asia Institute of Management would be a good decision? Well, we’re here to help you! Continue reading to learn the essential things you need to know about the school—its background, achievements, programmes, employability, and more!


East Asia Institute of Management Building

The East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM) (Chinese: 东亚 管理 学院) is an acclaimed private education institution (PEI) in Singapore that was founded in 1984. The institute prides itself on catering to both local and international students and providing a diverse selection of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as diploma courses in various disciplines.

East Asia Institute of Management Logo

In its initial years, the East Asia Institute of Management was originally known as Informatics Software. It previously trained professionals and managers in the rapidly growing information technology industry.

The company started to revamp itself in 2001 to become an academic institute, changing its name to East Asia School of Business (EASB). It was in 2004 when “East Asia School of Business” was renamed to “East Asia Institute of Management”, but with “EASB” still retained as their logo.

Finally, in October 2020, the logo “EAIM” was introduced, which is what the company is known as today.

University Partners

EAIM University Partners

To cater to more international and local students, the East Asia Institute of Management entered partnerships with universities in the United Kingdom throughout the years. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are offered by the following university partners and articulations: Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh Business School (Heriot-Watt University), Cardiff Metropolitan (CMET) University, Aston University, Sheffield Hallam University (UK), and De Montfort University.

Certification, Awards, and Accreditation

EAIM Awards

For many years, the East Asia Institute of Management has received numerous accolades from renowned awarding bodies.

In 2003, the company received the distinguished Singapore Quality Class (SQC) Accreditation by SPRING Singapore, a local government agency in charge of ensuring quality standards and assurance in Singapore. The institute continued to receive this award multiple times throughout the years.

In 2005, the company became one of the first recipients of the CaseTrust for Education award as a private education organisation (PEO).

Between the years 2009 and 2019, the East Asia Institute of Management was awarded the SME Growth Excellence Recognition four times.

In 2010, EAIM was among the first batch of PEIs to be registered with the Council of Private Education (CPE) under the mandatory Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF). The school received the EduTrust Singapore certification that year.

Oh, and as a side note, EAIM ranked 7th on our list of the Top 9 Private Universities in Singapore!


Google Map Location of EAIM campus

The East Asia Institute of Management is situated at 9 Ah Hood Road in Singapore, where food streets, the Zhong Shan Mall, and convenience stores are in close proximity to it. Bus stops and MRT stations are also easily accessible from this location.


EAIM has an approximate land area of 17,500 sqm and can accommodate as many as 4,000 pupils.


EAIM Campus

The school located in Ah Hood Road has a total of 13 fully air-conditioned classrooms that vary in size and are complete with interactive panels and audiovisual equipment.

EAIM’s facilities include a computer laboratory, a physics laboratory, the Hospitality and Tourism (H&T) Training Centre, a seminar room, an auditorium, a library, a multipurpose hall, outdoor courts, and a canteen.

To know more about their facilities, visit this page.

Off-Campus Accommodation

EAIM Accommodation Photo

There are many accommodation options near the EAIM campus where one can choose to rent a room or a property. These may be used by local students who want to live nearby while pursuing their courses. Also, students overseas who would like to stay in Singapore and live near the school for the duration of their studies are welcome. The sites where students can look for accommodation are listed as follows:


EAIM Bachelor Programmes

The company offers a comprehensive suite of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the following disciplines:

  • Business & Management
  • Accounting, Banking & Finance
  • Allied Health Sciences
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Business Information System
  • Logistics Management

Students may enrol in preparatory courses, certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and postgraduate programmes, depending on the academic level they want to attain. They also have the option to pick between two study modes: full-time and part-time.

Considering taking a part-time diploma or course in Singapore? Check out our definitive guide here!


EAIM Students

Though entry requirements differ from programme to programme, all programmes require certain academic qualifications and English language proficiency. Your duration of study in EAIM depends on the course you want to pursue. Below are the average minimum age requirements and duration per academic level:

  • Preparatory Courses: 14-16 years old | 6-24 months
  • Certificates: 15 years old | 6 months
  • Diplomas: 16 years old | 6-9 months
  • Advanced Diplomas: 17 years old | 6-9 months
  • Undergraduate Degrees: 18 years old | 12-18 months
  • Postgraduate Degrees: 19-23 years old | 12-18 months


Course fees for international students are slightly more expensive than those for Singaporean or PR students. To see the full breakdown of the fees, check out their website and look for your preferred course.


The school offers scholarship opportunities for those who excel in academics.

International Students

Whatever course or study mode, a student on the Terms & Conditions of Student’s Pass (STP) is required by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to reach 90% attendance. For the full details of the admissions process, visit this site.


EAIM Graduation

In 2018, 88.6% of students were employed within 6 months of graduating from the East Asia Institute of Management.

As one of the leading private education institutions in Singapore with the aim of teaching and nurturing career-ready professionals, it embraces its Holistic Education Approach (HEA). This academic programme is based on four areas: an industry-relevant curriculum, academic achievement with practical orientation, personal enrichment and career development, and innovative and challenging viewpoints.

Furthermore, the company offers workshops to its students that focus on the essential skills and lessons required to be successful professionals in the future, such as CV writing, interview skills, and work ethics.

So, what do you think? We hope we’re able to help you find out if EAIM is a good fit for your part time degree journey with this detailed review. Feel free to share and leave a comment!

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