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No-nonsense dissertation/thesis writing service for US students. Sure-pass quality or 200% of your money back.

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Why should you trust a non-US service with your dissertation? Hi, this is Nick and the reason is actually really mundane but I sincerely believe in it.

We are really good in writing dissertations for US Universities.

As of Jan 2024, we have written 147 dissertations for students enrolled in US universities and we got pretty darn good at it.

So good that we are the only dissertation service that offers a sure-pass, 200% money-back guarantee on all dissertation orders. Now and forever.

That’s right.

You pass or you get twice the amount you’ve paid, back.

And we are the only service on the internet that offers such guarantees.

I don’t believe in marketing talk, I believe in putting money on the line to prove our sincerity.

What you want from dissertation writing services.


Sure Pass Quality. At the very least, you have to expect the dissertation to be passing quality. What is the point of paying and getting a fail grade?


Quality Work that scores well. Pass is the minimum to expect, but you also expect the paper to score well, to get a B or ideally an A.


Protect your privacy so no one knows your information. We are based in Singapore, a small, rich nation in Asia that has one of the highest English proficiency score. Your privacy will be very much secured using a service located at the other side of the Earth.


Always Contactable. We understand that you sometimes need to be in constant contact with us to make sure everything turns out as what your school requires. This is why we are always contactable through WhatsApp and Telegram. If you want to have a meeting, we are always available for a virtual meetup as well.


Someone you can trust so you can stop worrying about your dissertation!

Benefits you get from using our service

money-back guarantee

Definite Pass 200% money-back guarantee

With our team or brilliant dissertation writers, we put our money on the line and offer papers that are sure-pass quality, or you get 200% of your money back. In fact, we are the only model dissertation writing service in the world that provides such a guarantee. This way, you can order with confidence.

professionals proofread

We are not from the US, but know US dissertation requirements through and through.

We have been writing dissertation since 2010 and have done numerous dissertations from Universities like UC Berkeley, Boston University and University of Rochester, among others.

turnitin logo


Every dissertation that we receive is written from scratch, so no two papers are identical. We guarantee that your dissertation will pass the Turnitin check or you get your money back!

confidential stamp

Your privacy is fiercely protected and confidential

From day 1, we know how crucial it is to protect your privacy. As such, we do not sell, share or reveal your information to any external parties, unlike many other dissertation writing services which do that.

thumbs up

Don’t just hear us out. Here are what some students have to say about our services.

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“My friend is impressed with the work. So so much better than myassignmenthelp.”

testimonial 20

“The pieces are good and amazing… I appreciate it a lot”

testimonial 19

“I am very satisfied with all the works and you guys are still one of the most reliable services that produce legit and high-quality work. The writings are very professional and never disappoint me.”

singapore assignment help review 5

“I have successfully received the assignment from you. Thank you for the impressive work, currently reading it. Looking forward to the [next] essay!”

singapore assignment help review 2

“I mean quality bro, can trust inkmypapers work”

singapore assignment help review 1

“Again, thank you very much for everything. I’ve checked your work, it is so good!”

testimonial 22

“Btw my last essay done by your writer got an A. Just wanted to thank the writer and your team!”

testimonial 18

“It is well written overall. Please send my compliments to both writers. They do know their stuff”

Some samples of our dissertation work

Risk-Free ordering with our 200% money-back guarantee. Have your dissertation done today!

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Don’t waste your money on ‘cheap’ dissertation help services!

I understand the temptation is strong to just choose any cheap dissertation writing service you can find on the internet. I know it because I was once like you and have used them before. After trying several such services, I felt very cheated by them. The quality was so bad!

Many of these services claim to be from USA, but are really based in India. The cheap prices is a giveaway.

Broken English. There are numerous grammatical errors and the sentences sometimes don’t even make sense.

Hard to contact. You will find that it is almost impossible to reach them by phone or virtual meetups.

Most importantly, you are risking your entire degree program by ordering from a dissertation writing service that does not have quality control or offer any guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What service do you provide?

We write academic papers and that includes school assignments, essays and dissertations. We also provide proofreading services

Why are you so much more expensive?

We seek to strike a balance between quality and price. Many of the services that you’ve seen offering very cheap prices often do not care about the quality of their work. If you compare us to reputable UK and US services, our price is actually cheaper.

What if I need revision for your work?

All orders come with free unlimited 5-day revision period. You can extend the period for up to 60 days for a small fee.

Are you based in US?

We are based in Singapore but have more than 10 years of experience writing dissertations for US Universities. So, why would you order from a Singapore-based service? Our answer is mundane but we sincerely believe in it. We believe in quality work first and foremost. If you are good in writing dissertation in Singapore, you will be good in doing it for US Universities. Since 2010, we have helped with more than 130 dissertations

How do I order?

You can place the order on our order form

What do I do after ordering?

You will receive your assignment by 11pm on the deadline day you’ve selected. You can see our how it works page.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA/Mastercard debit/credit cards. If you want to pay via PayNow/PayLah/Bank Transfer/Cash Payment, please contact us at 9026 6176 or through the small chat box located at the bottom right of this webpage.

What You Get

More than having dedicated dissertation writers working on your dissertation, you get the following with every order

—  Sure-Pass 200% money-back guarantee
—  Plagiarism Report by Grammarly Premium
—  Quality Control Report
—  5 days Unlimited Revision Period
—  Private Support Manager

Check Price and Have your dissertation done today!