Create a comparison of different corporate governance approaches of two organisations. (1) Singapore Airlines (Singapore), and (2) The Evergrande Group (China).

Create a comparison of different corporate governance approaches of two organisations. (1) Singapore Airlines (Singapore), and (2) The Evergrande Group (China).

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Corporate governance structures and models play a crucial role in the success of organisations, including their impact on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Good corporate governance provides organisations with responsibilities not only for the economic consequences of their activities, but also for social and environmental implications.

Students now have the opportunity to practice demonstrating their understanding by comparison of different corporate governance approaches of two organisations.

The two organisations to be examined are:

(1) Singapore Airlines (Singapore), and

(2) The Evergrande Group (China).

The comparison of two organisational will give you an opportunity to identify two board structures and models and the current organisational context.

One organisation is stable, and the other is facing an embattled situation. While some of the negative press is a consideration, you are to focus on the governance arrangements and changes that have contributed to both stability or instability.

Students must focus on the literature and supporting their critical observations.

As a reminder, the theories and concepts we covered are:

Accountability of organisational boards, e.g. Schillemans and Bovens (2019).

Strengths and weaknesses of extant governance models Schillemans and Bovens (2019), and stakeholder perspectives Freeman (2008); Mitchell et al (1997).

Draw on course literature and concepts (for example Psaros 2008; Mitchell et al 1997; Boyd et al 2011; Morck, and Yeung, 2003; Young et al 2008)

Where relevant, alternative governance models and structures (Government Business Enterprises (GBEs)/State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), cooperatives,  unitary boards, dual tier boards/codetermination/Works Councils).  If students identify that a State Owned Enterprise is relevant, they should briefly rule out for example, other models, e.g. dual tier boards.

Stakeholder value (Freeman 2008), Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) (Bovens 2019; Henderson & Clarke 2016), co-operatives (Erassti et al 2017; Cook 1995), and codetermination on boards & works councils/dual boards (Jackson & Muellenborn 2012; Frege 2005, 2002; Hertig 2006).

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Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the concepts.

To successfully complete this assessment task comparing the corporate governance approaches of Singapore Airlines and The Evergrande Group, follow this structured approach:


  • Introduce the importance of corporate governance structures and models in organizational success, including their impact on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Briefly introduce the two organizations, Singapore Airlines (stable) and The Evergrande Group (embattled), highlighting their significance and relevance to the assessment.

Comparative Analysis of Corporate Governance Approaches:

  • Compare the corporate governance structures and models of Singapore Airlines and The Evergrande Group.
  • Provide an overview of the board structures and governance arrangements of both organizations, focusing on the key features and differences.
  • Draw on relevant course literature and concepts to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their governance models.

Stability vs. Instability:

  • Explore the factors contributing to the stability of Singapore Airlines’ governance approach.
  • Analyze the governance changes that have led to the embattled situation of The Evergrande Group.
  • Discuss the impact of governance arrangements on the organizations’ stability or instability, considering accountability, stakeholder perspectives, and other relevant factors.

Alternative Governance Models and Structures:

  • If relevant, discuss alternative governance models and structures such as Government Business Enterprises (GBEs)/State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), cooperatives, unitary boards, and dual tier boards.
  • Analyze how these alternative models could have affected the stability or instability of the two organizations.

Stakeholder Value and Impact:

  • Discuss the concept of stakeholder value (Freeman 2008) and its relevance to the governance approaches of the two organizations.
  • Explore how the organizations’ governance models have impacted their stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, and the broader community.


  • Summarize the key points discussed in the essay.
  • Provide a conclusion regarding the effectiveness of the corporate governance approaches of Singapore Airlines and The Evergrande Group in promoting stability or contributing to instability.
  • Emphasize the role of governance structures and models in shaping organizational outcomes and their impact on CSR.


  • Cite and reference the course literature and concepts mentioned in the assessment task, including Psaros 2008, Mitchell et al 1997, Boyd et al 2011, Morck and Yeung 2003, Young et al 2008, Schillemans and Bovens 2019, Freeman 2008, Henderson & Clarke 2016, Erassti et al 2017, Cook 1995, Jackson & Muellenborn 2012, Frege 2005, 2002, Hertig 2006, etc.

Remember to provide clear and well-structured arguments, backed by relevant sources and evidence. Address the assessment criteria of comparing the governance approaches, analyzing their impact, and referencing the relevant theories and concepts. This will help you effectively address the requirements and demonstrate your understanding of corporate governance and its implications for organizational stability and CSR.

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