COU108: Demonstrate and evaluate any SIX (6) of the counselling skills used in Stage 1 of the Skilled Helper Model with Louis in the case study. Counselling Processes and Practice assignment

COU108: Demonstrate and evaluate any SIX (6) of the counselling skills used in Stage 1 of the Skilled Helper Model with Louis in the case study. Counselling Processes and Practice assignment

Module / Subject / School:

COU108 Counselling Processes and Practice

Singapore University of Social Sciences


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Please use the APA format for your references. In-text citation and end-of-text referencing are compulsory. Please have a minimum of 5 references. 5 marks will be deducted for absence of in-text and end-of-text citations and less than 5 references.

Word length: The word limit will be 3,000 words. Please write the number of words at the end
of the essay.

Case Study
Louis, aged 12 years old, and his parents were referred to you the School Counsellor to assist him. Louis is the youngest child of four children. His father has a history of physically abusing his mother by hitting and slapping her. His mother has recently got a Personal Protection Order
(PPO) against his father, and he has stopped the violence. She confided in a Social Worker at the nearby Family Service Centre who helped her get the PPO successfully. Louis’ father has also hit him and his older siblings when he is angry, and feels that Louis and his older siblings
have been disobedient or did not do well in their tests and examinations. His father has stopped hitting him after his mother also applied for a PPO for the children, and was granted a PPO successfully from the courts for the children and herself.

His father would slap them or beat them with a cane. Being a victim of his father’s violence as well as witnessing the marital violence his father inflicted on his mother has a negative impact on Louis. His father, Mr Melvin Tan, has a fiery temper and will berate Louis that he is “dumb,
good for nothing and useless” when he is angry with Louis.

His mother, Mrs Julie Tan, will try to protect Louis and his siblings. Louis’ mother tends to be enmeshed with him as he is the youngest child. Louis is closer to his mother. She often confides in him about her marital problems and her personal problems. Consequently, Louis feels very burdened and stressed by all his problems, and does not do well academically in school. He is listless, unable to concentrate in class and has poor academic results. He is also very quiet and withdrawn with only one good friend Joe whom he likes to play computer and handphone
games with. Louis lacks confidence and has low self-esteem.

Recently, his parents threatened to get a divorce during a fight. Louis feels very upset by his parents’ quarrels and fights. He feels worried and fearful that they will really get a divorce. In addition, he blames himself and believes that he is the cause of his parents’ quarrels and marital problems because they will quarrel over him, and disagree about their parenting styles.

Louis manifests behavioural issues, emotional and anger management problems at home and at school. At home, Louis plays with his handphone and laptop all the time. He will shout and scream at his parents when they try to stop him from playing the online games. In addition, he kicks his siblings and pinches them when he is angry. This is because of the negative role modelling by his father.

At school, Louis has got into fights and quarrels with his classmates, especially with the boys. He would push the boys and shout vulgarities at them. He does not hand in classwork, homework and has failed tests. He believes he is not loveable and a bad boy. He used to score better marks in his tests and examinations as he is an intelligent boy. However, currently,
because of the many overwhelming problems he is faced with, he is struggling to cope. His parents have met the School Principal and Discipline Master who have told him that he must stop fighting at school or he will face severe penalties.

Louis’ strengths are that he is a caring, athletic and smart. He cares about his mother and tries to defend her when his father is violent. He is also good at sports, being in the school football team and excels in it. He is close to his football coach and form teacher. He has confided in them about his family problems, and they are trying to help him. He attends football training conscientiously. Louis has told his form teacher that he wants to be a computer game developer in the future.

His form teacher is caring and told him to stay behind in school to study so that he can better focus on his school work. His form teacher has also given him and students who are academically weak extra remedial classes.
His form teacher has persuaded Louis to meet you the School Counsellor to help him as his PSLE examinations are approaching. Louis wants to pass the PSLE examinations and get into a good Secondary School, so that he can have a better future for his mother as he loves her a lot. He also wants to improve himself because his football coach and form teacher have encouraged him to set goals for his future, and affirmed that he is caring, intelligent and has the potential to do well if he channels his energies properly. Finally, Louis knows that he has to work on his anger issues, or he will face severe discipline which will include suspension from the school football team.

You are the School Counsellor assigned to his case.

Question 1
Demonstrate and evaluate any SIX (6) of the following counselling skills used in Stage 1 of the Skilled Helper Model with Louis in the case study.
 Probing
 Paraphrasing
 Reflecting feelings
 Encouraging
 Summarising
 Empathic Challenging
 Reframing
 Immediacy Focus
 Self-disclosure

Question 2
Articulate the skills in identifying possibilities for Louis. Demonstrate by providing examples of how you might help Louis to create these possibilities for his preferred picture in Stage 2-A of the Skilled Helper Model. (30 marks)

Question 3
Delineate the sub-stage in Stage 2 which you would help Louis in the case study to increase his level of commitment in working towards his goals. Discuss the guidelines and demonstrate by providing examples of how you could help Louis to commit to his goals. (10 marks)

Question 4
Demonstrate by providing examples of ways you could help Louis to commit to his plan in Stage 2-C by developing his self-efficacy. (15 marks)

Question 5
Demonstrate FIVE (5) ways that you could help Louis to move from Planning to Action in Stage 3-C. (15 marks)

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the Skilled Helper Model.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

Question 1:

  1. Skilled Helper Model: Familiarize yourself with the Skilled Helper Model and its stages before addressing the specific counselling skills used in Stage 1 with Louis. Ensure you understand the purpose and application of each skill.
  2. Application of Counselling Skills: Demonstrate and evaluate six counselling skills used in Stage 1 of the Skilled Helper Model. For each skill, provide an explanation of how it would be used with Louis based on the information provided in the case study. Use specific examples to illustrate your points.
  3. Comprehensive Analysis: Thoroughly analyze the appropriateness and effectiveness of each counselling skill in the context of Louis’ situation. Discuss the potential impact of each skill on Louis’ emotional well-being, self-esteem, and ability to cope with his challenges.

Question 2:

  1. Identifying Possibilities: Explain the significance of identifying possibilities for Louis in Stage 2-A of the Skilled Helper Model. Discuss how these possibilities can help him create a preferred picture of his future.
  2. Examples and Application: Provide specific examples of how you would help Louis identify possibilities based on his strengths, interests, and aspirations. Demonstrate how these possibilities align with his preferred picture and discuss the potential positive outcomes they may bring.
  3. Supportive Approach: Emphasize the importance of using empathetic and encouraging language to inspire Louis and instill confidence in his ability to pursue these possibilities.

Question 3:

  1. Sub-Stage in Stage 2: Identify and explain the sub-stage in Stage 2 of the Skilled Helper Model that focuses on increasing Louis’ commitment to his goals.
  2. Guidelines and Examples: Discuss the guidelines for helping Louis commit to his goals, such as setting realistic expectations and exploring potential obstacles. Provide examples of how you would apply these guidelines in your counselling sessions with Louis.
  3. Building Motivation: Emphasize the significance of establishing a trusting and supportive relationship with Louis to enhance his motivation and willingness to work towards his goals.

Question 4:

  1. Developing Self-Efficacy: Explain the concept of self-efficacy and its relevance in Stage 2-C of the Skilled Helper Model. Discuss how building Louis’ self-efficacy can enhance his commitment to his plan.
  2. Examples of Support: Provide specific examples of how you would help Louis develop his self-efficacy. This may include praising his previous accomplishments, identifying his strengths, and encouraging him to engage in small steps towards his goals.
  3. Positive Reinforcement: Emphasize the importance of providing ongoing support and positive reinforcement to strengthen Louis’ belief in his ability to succeed.

Question 5:

  1. Moving from Planning to Action: Describe the significance of transitioning from planning to action in Stage 3-C of the Skilled Helper Model. Highlight the importance of taking tangible steps towards achieving goals.
  2. Five Strategies: Provide five specific strategies that would help Louis move from planning to action. These strategies should be tailored to his unique situation and challenges, focusing on building self-motivation, creating a supportive environment, and utilizing available resources.
  3. Practical Application: Use examples to illustrate how each strategy would be implemented with Louis. Discuss the potential benefits of each strategy in facilitating Louis’ progress and success.

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