COM203: Based on your business proposed in Assignment 2, pitch your business and service offering to the Client, Treasured Tots Childcare, in the form of a written proposal of 1500 words. Visual Texts and Communication assignment

COM203: Based on your business proposed in Assignment 2, pitch your business and service offering to the Client, Treasured Tots Childcare, in the form of a written proposal of 1500 words. Visual Texts and Communication assignment

Module / Subject / School:

COM203: Visual Texts and Communication. 

Singapore University of Social Sciences


New Centre, Tiny Tots Childcare, needs support ahead of launch in areas of:
• Design.
• Marketing.
• Communications.
• Media.
• Legal.
• IT.
• Finance.
• Business consulting, and more!

Tell us how you can help. All pitches considered.

You see the above advertisement for a new Childcare Centre, Tiny Tots, opening in December 2022. The advertisement suggests that the business owners have nothing in place other than a confirmed location and an opening date.
Tiny Tots Childcare are looking to work with Singaporean-based freelancers to get up and running and need “support in areas of design, marketing, communications, media, legal, IT, finance, business consulting…and more!”
Note: this is a hypothetical Client, do not seek to contact this or any other similar business about the brief. Questions can be directed to your Unit Coordinator.


Select a Client of your choice that relates specifically to your business idea. Please discuss this and have your idea signed off by your Tutor in advance of submitting the assignment.

Based on your business proposed in Assignment 2, pitch your business and service offering to the Client, Treasured Tots Childcare, in the form of a written proposal of 1500 words.

Your pitch to the Client must include the following as a minimum:
• A business number (provide a fictional number)
• A company profile/introduction
• The price for each service you are proposing for the Client
• A proposed schedule indicating milestones or delivery dates
• Whether services are periodic or recurrent
• GST and other taxes
• Intellectual property rights where relevant
• Client communication strategy

1. Introduction
2. Service offerings
3. Objectives and deliverables
4. Timing/schedule
5. Professional fee/cost of services 6. Expenses to client
7. Liability/IP etc.
8. Sample client list (hypothetical) 9. Terms and conditions

Assignment 3 will be assessed on the following criteria, which carry equal weighting:

  • Appropriately and adequately addressing the task.
  • Demonstrated critical understanding of relevant unit references.
  • Clearly demonstrated understanding of the structure and considerations of a small business.
  • Proposes realistic service offerings.
  • Level of professionalism in presentation including use of recommended report structure, appropriate use and accuracy of language, spelling, grammar and editing, layout and format.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of advertisements.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

  1. Address the task appropriately and adequately: Ensure that your written proposal effectively addresses the requirements of the task. Clearly outline your pitch to the Client, Treasured Tots Childcare, and present your service offerings in a comprehensive manner. Make sure to cover all the essential elements listed in the assignment instructions.
  2. Demonstrate critical understanding of relevant unit references: Incorporate your understanding of the concepts and references covered in the unit to support your proposal. Demonstrate a critical analysis of the key factors involved in providing services to a childcare center, such as design, marketing, communications, legal considerations, IT, finance, and business consulting. Use relevant theories, models, and examples to showcase your understanding.
  3. Show understanding of the structure and considerations of a small business: Highlight your understanding of the structure and considerations specific to small businesses. Discuss the unique challenges and opportunities faced by a childcare center like Treasured Tots. Consider factors such as scalability, resource allocation, budget constraints, and growth potential. Tailor your proposal to align with the specific needs and goals of a small business in the childcare industry.
  4. Propose realistic service offerings: Ensure that your service offerings are realistic and aligned with the needs of the client. Clearly outline the services you can provide, such as design services, marketing strategies, communications plans, legal advice, IT support, financial consulting, and more. Demonstrate how these services will benefit the client and contribute to the success of their childcare center. Provide clear pricing details for each service offered.
  5. Maintain a high level of professionalism in presentation: Follow the recommended report structure provided in the assignment instructions. Use appropriate language, ensure accuracy in spelling and grammar, and pay attention to editing and formatting. Present your proposal in a professional manner, considering layout, font choice, and overall visual appeal. Use headings and subheadings to organize your content effectively.

Remember that all sections of your proposal should be coherent and flow logically. Use clear and concise language to convey your ideas and proposals to the client.

By carefully addressing the task, demonstrating a critical understanding of the subject matter, showcasing professionalism in presentation, and proposing realistic and tailored service offerings, you can increase your chances of scoring well on this assignment.

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