BUSM4551: Engage in creative writing of a reflective essay consisting of an academic analysis of your own learning experiences through self-reflection. CID/Innovation Management assignment

BUSM4551: Engage in creative writing of a reflective essay consisting of an academic analysis of your own learning experiences through self-reflection. CID/Innovation Management assignment

Module / Subject / School:

BUSM4551 CID/Innovation Management

RMIT University



You are required to engage in creative writing of a reflective essay consisting of an academic analysis of your own learning experiences through self-reflection.

The purpose of writing a reflective essay is to provide you with a platform to not only recount a particular life experience, but to also explore how you have changed or learned from those experiences. Essays should be authored individually; all ideas and words should be your own

Assessment criteria (100 marks equate to 20% of overall course assessment)

This assessment will measure your ability to:

  • Introduce the context, background, scope and purpose of your essay (10 marks)
  • Provide a quality encounter of your learning (15 marks)
  • Reflect at a level that reveals deep insights (20 marks)
  • Evaluate the significance and impact of your learning (20 marks)
  • Implicate the significance of your learning to your future career (15 marks)
  • Draw a meaningful conclusion (10 marks)
  • Professionally present your encounter (10 marks)

Assessment details

This assessment requires you to look back on your learning and experiences in this course and provide a personal reflection of what you learned from the course and how you have both used and will use this learning in the future. It allows you to take a bird’s eye view of the complete course and all the activities that you performed and derive meaning from the entire experience.

A reflection paper is a personal, sometimes anecdotal, or experiential reaction to a subject, but you may include citations as in any other paper. However, we are more interested to learn about your thoughts and experiences rather than those of other people, so keep citations to a minimum. If you refer to a work or use ideas from a work, then cite them in text and include a reference list at the end.

Note: Back up all copies of drafts and your final assignment on a separate device (USB or similar) in case it is required as evidence. Computer failure is not an allowable ground for an extension or Special Consideration.

Feedback mode: Feedback will be provided using the Rubric provided on Canvas.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the concepts.

To score well in this reflective essay assignment, keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Introduction (10 marks):
    • Start your essay with a clear and concise introduction that sets the context, background, scope, and purpose of your reflection.
    • State the main theme or focus of your reflection, indicating what experiences you will be discussing.
  2. Quality Encounter of Your Learning (15 marks):
    • Provide a detailed and engaging account of your learning experiences throughout the course.
    • Describe specific activities, assignments, or moments that had a significant impact on your learning journey.
    • Use descriptive language to paint a vivid picture of your experiences.
  3. Reflect at a Level that Reveals Deep Insights (20 marks):
    • Go beyond surface-level description and delve into deeper reflections.
    • Analyze the reasons behind your reactions, feelings, and actions during the course.
    • Explore any changes in your perspectives, beliefs, or values as a result of the learning experiences.
  4. Evaluate the Significance and Impact of Your Learning (20 marks):
    • Assess the importance and relevance of the learning experiences in shaping your understanding of the subject matter.
    • Discuss how the knowledge gained has impacted your thinking or decision-making processes.
  5. Implicate the Significance of Your Learning to Your Future Career (15 marks):
    • Relate your learning experiences to your future career goals and aspirations.
    • Explain how the insights gained from the course can be applied in real-world scenarios or professional settings.
  6. Draw a Meaningful Conclusion (10 marks):
    • Summarize the key points of your reflection in a coherent and meaningful way.
    • Restate the significance of the learning experiences and their impact on your personal and professional growth.
  7. Professional Presentation (10 marks):
    • Ensure your essay is well-structured with clear paragraphs and transitions.
    • Use formal language and appropriate academic tone throughout the essay.
    • Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
  8. Citations and References:
    • While citations are not the focus, use them sparingly when necessary to support your reflections.
    • Use proper in-text citations and include a reference list if you do use external sources.
  9. Personal and Authentic Reflection:
    • Be genuine and authentic in sharing your thoughts and experiences.
    • Don’t be afraid to express your emotions and personal growth.
  10. Follow the Rubric:
  • Refer to the rubric provided on Canvas to ensure you address all the assessment criteria adequately.

By following these guidelines, you can create a compelling reflective essay that showcases your learning journey and insights effectively. Remember, the reflective essay is about your personal experiences and growth, so be open and honest in your writing.

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