BUSM3199: Formulation of argument with theories covered in the course for a Case study that revolves around the naming of trainee lawyers who cheated in an online bar exam Ethics & Governance assignment

BUSM3199: Formulation of argument with theories covered in the course for a Case study that revolves around the naming of trainee lawyers who cheated in an online bar exam Ethics & Governance assignment

Module / Subject / School:

BUSM3199 Ethics & Governance

RMIT University


This Assessment provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their learning around the interaction between organisational context and the process of ethical decision making.

You are required to formulate an argument, undertake research to locate academic references, and support your argument with theories covered in this course.  To formulate your argument, you are required to undertake research to locate academic references using online databases (e.g. EBSCO, Proquest, Emerald, Science Direct etc). You must to use at least 12 academic references to support your argument.

The case study revolves around the naming of trainee lawyers who cheated in an online bar exam.

Read the Case Study materials are provided in the following three links:

https://www.law.com/international-edition/2022/04/20/11-trainee-lawyers-are-found-to-have-cheated-on-singapore-bar-examination/?slreturn=20220502000236 (Links to an external site.)

https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/lawsoc-says-it-will-object-admissions-bar-exam-cheats-found-unfit-be-lawyers-after-careful-review-1877361 (Links to an external site.)

https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/judge-reverses-decision-to-redact-names-of-6-trainee-lawyers-who-cheated-in-2020-bar-exam#:~:text=The%20six%20are%3A%20Ms%20Monisha,Mr%20Lionel%20Wong%20Choong%20Yoong (Links to an external site.).

In an original “spirit of second chances”, it had been directed that the six not be named in the hope that they would not face prejudice in the long run. However, this decision, to not reveal names, was reversed.

The career implications are not only for the six trainee. It is significant as revealing their identities of students who cheat has far reaching consequences for employment and career for any student.  Regardless of whether a student is found to have breached academic conduct, or exonerated, there are negative consequences caused by the publicity and public interest.

Problem Brief

You are employed by a business who has experienced poor performance of fresh from university employees. The business has realised that some students are not prepared adequately for their professional work and this may be attributed to the lack of learning. Contract writing, or ghost writing is becoming common and the sharing of assignments via Whatsapp, or the sale of assignments on Carousell now has an impact on the reputation of educational qualifications. An increasing problem is when student assignments appear on Google searches revealing the prevalence of the problem where students upload their assignments to Studocu.

You have been asked to write a business report to brief senior executives on how company policy should be revised based on the ethical considerations of the behaviour of employees prior to joining. A major consideration is whether employees should be given the “second chance”, in professional appoints where integrity and ethics is of a major priority.

In your report, you have been asked to research ethical theories and make recommendations that would guide the business around hiring students whose identifies have been made known. In making an argument, you are to address cases where the student has been found guilty and where investigations have exonerated the student.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

To excel in this assignment, you need to focus on demonstrating your learning in the interaction between organizational context and the process of ethical decision making. Your task is to formulate a compelling argument, conduct research to find academic references, and support your argument using theories covered in the course. To do this effectively, you should conduct research using online databases like EBSCO, Proquest, Emerald, and Science Direct. Be sure to include at least 12 academic references to support your argument and strengthen its validity.

The case study revolves around the naming of trainee lawyers who cheated in an online bar exam. It is important to read the provided case study materials, which are available through the provided links. These materials will provide valuable information and context for your analysis.

Consider the original decision not to reveal the names of the six trainee lawyers, which was based on the “spirit of second chances” and aimed to protect them from potential long-term prejudice. However, it is essential to note that this decision was later reversed.

Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that the career implications of revealing the identities of cheating students extend beyond the six trainees in this case. Such revelations can have far-reaching consequences on employment and careers for any student involved. Regardless of whether a student is found guilty of breaching academic conduct or is ultimately exonerated, the negative consequences caused by the resulting publicity and public interest can significantly impact their future opportunities.

To perform this assignment effectively, it is suggested that you:

  1. Relate to the Problem: As future managers, your role is to help identify and formulate problem statements, addressing broader problems that may not be immediately apparent. Consider how a lack of awareness of ethics literature and theory could contribute to the problem.
  2. Find and Generate: Conduct a comprehensive literature survey on one of the ethics theories, such as virtue ethics, deontology, or utilitarianism. Familiarize yourself with the selected ethics theory to gain in-depth knowledge.
  3. Synthesize: Develop a process or approach that addresses the problem identified in the first stage. Bring together the different bodies of theory and your own ideas to formulate recommendations that can help organizations address the ethical questions at hand.
  4. Organize and Manage: Present your solution in a report structure that effectively communicates your approach and proposed solution, as you would present it to a client. Pay attention to the organization and clarity of your report.
  5. Embark and Clarify: Engage with your tutors during class and seek clarification at every stage of the assignment. Just like in your future professional life, it is important to keep your clients informed and ensure that your work aligns with their expectations. Avoid surprising your tutor with an under-developed piece of work.
  6. Communicate: Clearly communicate your research and proposed solution in your report. Ensure that you deliver your report on time, making appropriate use of references to scholarly literature and providing in-text citations to support your recommendations.

By following these suggestions, you will be well-equipped to approach this assignment successfully and achieve a high score.

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