BUSM 4547: Identify a company for which you might like to work and analyse that company using the management theory tools you have learned to use in Assessments 1 & 2. Organization Experience assignment

BUSM 4547: Identify a company for which you might like to work and analyse that company using the management theory tools you have learned to use in Assessments 1 & 2. Organization Experience assignment

Module / Subject / School:

BUSM 4547 Organization Experience

RMIT University


Assessment details

Overall assessment structure:

  • Identify a sector in which you may want to apply for a position
  • Identify a company for which you might like to work
  • Analyse that company using the management theory tools you have learned to use in Assessments 1 & 2
  • Analyse one of the job descriptions you found and see if you can find a way to strengthen the description using management theory (Leadership, Ethics/CSR, Green HRM) and sustainability focused thinking
  • Focus on scholarly rationale as you go through your D – I – E – P structure(Links to an external site.)
  • Support your work with 8-12 scholarly references from high quality business journals (ABDC list). In addition, please source your own references to provide context for the business sector you chose (4-6 references).

Use the answers you have been collecting in your weekly diary to build out your reflection

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the management theory tools.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

  1. Identifying the Sector and Company: Start by clearly explaining the process of selecting a sector and company. Emphasize the importance of choosing a sector that aligns with the student’s interests and career aspirations. Encourage them to research various industries to make an informed decision.
  2. Application of Management Theory Tools: In this section, guide students through the management theory tools they have learned in Assessments 1 & 2. Encourage them to analyze the chosen company’s management practices using these tools systematically. It’s important to mention that they should focus on providing evidence and examples to support their analysis.
  3. Strengthening the Job Description: When analyzing the job description, advise students to apply management theory concepts such as Leadership, Ethics/CSR, and Green HRM to enhance it. Encourage them to think creatively and consider how each concept could improve the clarity, effectiveness, and sustainability focus of the job description.
  4. D – I – E – P Structure: Explain the D – I – E – P (Description, Interpretation, Evaluation, and Planning) structure in detail. Encourage students to use this framework to organize their thoughts and findings systematically. Remind them to maintain a logical flow in their writing, ensuring each section builds upon the previous one.
  5. Supporting Work with Scholarly References: Emphasize the importance of using high-quality business journals (ABDC list) to support their analysis. Encourage students to seek credible and up-to-date sources to demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, guide them in finding context-providing references to give more depth to their analysis of the chosen business sector.
  6. Utilizing Weekly Diary Reflections: Advise students to review their weekly diary reflections and integrate relevant insights into their analysis. Reflections can offer valuable personal experiences and learning moments that enhance the depth of their assignment. Encourage them to connect these reflections with the theoretical concepts they discuss.
  7. Finalizing the Assignment: Remind students to proofread and edit their work thoroughly before submission. A well-polished assignment with clear and concise writing will leave a positive impression on the evaluator. Encourage them to seek feedback from peers or instructors to further improve their work.

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