BUSI 1271: Provide an in-depth analysis and discussion of a company’s macro and business environment

BUSI 1271: Provide an in-depth analysis and discussion of a company’s macro and business environment

Module / Subject / School:

BUSI 1271 Global Strategy: Analysis and Practice

University of Greenwich


The first assignment consists of an INDIVIDUAL REFLECTION REPORT which is due after week 6 of the module session and is worth 30% of the final grade. This report is based on the group presentation.

The reflection report should provide an in-depth (maximum 1,000 words, +/- 10%) analysis and discussion of a company’s macro and business environment by answering a set of questions provided by the instructor. The company will be chosen by the group. The set of questions will be related to topics discussed in class up to the assignment date. The report will have to make explicit use of class material (i.e., slides, textbook, examples, videos, and journal articles). Lack of an explicit use and

effective application of such material will result in a reduced grade for this assignment. More details on how to complete this report are provided in section 7.2 below.

** Students at ERCI shall choose a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Data and information on the companies (such as the annual reports and audit reports) are available for downloading. The companies’ web addresses provided will lead you to the corporate web sites for more in-depth understanding of their business environments.**

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Our Writer’s Comment 

An individual reflection report is a kind of assessment in which students are given a great opportunity to make a good connection between the theories discussed in the module and practice them. This is because it will be necessary for students to critically examine and reflect on their own set of skills as well as their experiences in connection with the subject.

In this specific piece of assessment, you will need to write a thorough and detailed analysis as well as a discussion of the macro and business environment of a certain company. In order to do this, you are going to have to provide answers to a list of questions that will be given by your instructor. Remember that the set of questions that the instructor will give are going to be related to the points and discussions in your class. This means that you will need to brush up your memory on the theories and concepts taught in class. It is important to note that if the explicit use and effective application of materials used in your class are seen as insufficient in your report, this will highly likely result in a poor mark for the assignment. So, ensure that you make it clear and evident that you are using the class materials for your report. Be sure to also keep in mind the details that you have to include when writing your report, which can be found in the assessment brief.

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