BUS7AM: The Research Proposal for the Masters Dissertation

BUS7AM: The Research Proposal for the Masters Dissertation

Module / Subject / School:

BUS7AM: Research

Wrexham Glyndwr University


The research proposal provides an introductory framework for your dissertation and is presented in a slightly different format to other modular assignments. It is based on a contemporary business/management question and clearly identifies, via your research question, the benefit of conducting research that will be of subsequent use to the business community.

Your proposal must be of sufficient scope and complexity to require the collection and analysis of data in order to reach conclusions and provide recommendations. It is essential that your proposal is ‘do-able’ and that you have investigated the practical aspects of empirical data collection as an integral part of your proposal as the phrase ‘NO DATA, NO DISSERTATION’is a significant issue for some students, particularly those with limited work experience.

Examples of a worked proposal are available in chapter one of the following text:

Bindsardi A and Green J (2012) Research Methods for Management Pedagogic Teaching series, Volume 2 Northwest Academic Publications London

You are required to submit your proposal in the following format:

The content provided in red text brackets should be deleted prior to submission, these comments are included as guidance and support for students

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

In creating your research proposal, you will need to take note of a few things before you get started. First, you must remember the purpose of such a requirement. In research proposals, the most important goal is to be able to convince the reader that what you are proposing is valuable and that you have enough competence in that certain area. A lot of students forget that this is what makes a good research proposal, so prepare your work while considering this. Second, it is also noteworthy to be able to make it easy for the readers to understand your proposal. If you want to get high marks for this assessment, then it is best to be diligent in doing this. Make sure there is enough scope and complexity in what you are proposing so that it requires the collection and analysis of data in order to reach your conclusions and be able to provide recommendations.

Another thing that students must do to score well for this assessment is to create a feasible proposal, one that is understood to be possible to do. It is necessary to consider this, or else, you will end up producing a low-quality output in this assignment. Your instructor will also specifically check if you are able to investigate the practical aspects of empirical data collection, as this has become a common issue for students, especially the ones with a lack of work experience.

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