BUS371: Develop a multimedia presentation answering the case questions regarding the Talent Management practices of KEF. Talent Management assignment

BUS371: Develop a multimedia presentation answering the case questions regarding the Talent Management practices of KEF. Talent Management assignment

Module / Subject / School:

BUS371 Talent Management

Murdoch University


The case provides participants the opportunity to study a unique program (Kaivalya Education Foundation KEF) of talent development. Though the organization works in the social sector, the learning and generalisations about talent management are equally applicable across all sectors. The design and implementation of the Gandhi Foundation (GF) program is highly innovative and it is possible to draw generalisations about talent management practices from analysing the working of the program.

The case will help achieve following outcomes related to talent management:

  • Building robust and innovative talent management systems
  • Creating learning processes that are transformational in nature
  • Integrating hands on learning with continuous reflection
  • Challenges that arise in managing a highly talented group

Case Questions:

  1. Why you think Talent Management is important for an organization?
  2. What strikes you about the Talent Management practices of KEF?
  3. As learnt about Talent Management in this unit, how you would have designed and implemented the GF program differently?
  4. What are the challenges in managing talent for non-profits and social enterprises?

Develop a multimedia presentation (20 min max utilizing tools like Prezi, Powtoon, Visme, Zapier, Biteable, Vyond, etc) and present it to an audience responding to the questions posed in the case above and provided on the LMS. You can insert video clips within this presentation. Moving Video multimedia is much desirable. Avoid Powerpoint presentation. Do not just answer the questions directly, rather build your multimedia in a cohesive style embedding answers to these questions. Additionally submit a 2-page summary of the presentation on the template provided and also provide a url link to your multimedia on this template.  Develop your presentation based on the information available in the case, however, you can make assumptions but list them at the outset. This is a group assignment with two students per group.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the KEF talent development program.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

Introduction: Begin your multimedia presentation with a captivating introduction that highlights the significance of talent management in organizations. Provide a brief overview of the Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) and its unique talent development program. Emphasize that talent management practices are applicable across all sectors, not just limited to the social sector.

Content and Structure: Divide your presentation into sections corresponding to the case questions. Address each question thoroughly while maintaining a cohesive flow throughout the presentation. Use multimedia tools like Prezi, Powtoon, Visme, Zapier, Biteable, Vyond, etc., to enhance engagement and keep the audience interested.

  1. Importance of Talent Management for Organizations: Explain why talent management is crucial for an organization’s success and growth. Use data and examples to support your points. Emphasize the long-term benefits of investing in talent management.
  2. Striking Talent Management Practices of KEF: Highlight the unique aspects of KEF’s talent management practices that stand out to you. Utilize multimedia elements to showcase specific examples and success stories. Illustrate how these practices contribute to the organization’s talent development goals.
  3. Your Approach to Designing and Implementing the GF Program Differently: Discuss how you would have designed and implemented the Gandhi Foundation (GF) program differently based on your knowledge of talent management concepts. Use multimedia to present your proposed improvements effectively.
  4. Challenges in Managing Talent for Non-profits and Social Enterprises: Identify and elaborate on the challenges faced by non-profits and social enterprises in talent management. Use multimedia elements like infographics or video clips to highlight real-life scenarios. Offer practical solutions or strategies to address these challenges.

Assumptions: If you make any assumptions while developing your presentation, clearly state them at the beginning to provide context and transparency.

Conclusion: Summarize the key insights and takeaways from your presentation. Reiterate the importance of talent management and its impact on organizational success. Encourage the audience to reflect on the applicability of talent management practices in various sectors.

Presentation Style and Multimedia Elements: Encourage your peers to create an engaging and dynamic presentation with moving video multimedia. Advise against using traditional PowerPoint presentations and instead, explore the suggested multimedia tools to add creativity and visual appeal to their work.

Summary Template and URL Link: Ensure your 2-page summary aligns with the content presented in the multimedia presentation. Double-check for consistency and clarity. Provide a URL link to the multimedia presentation in the summary template.

Collaboration and Communication: Since this is a group assignment, emphasize the importance of effective collaboration and communication with your partner. Divide the tasks evenly, and encourage each member to contribute their expertise to different sections of the presentation.

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