BMGT2005S: The group project requires the students to apply the theories and concepts learnt in the course to a practical setting

BMGT2005S: The group project requires the students to apply the theories and concepts learnt in the course to a practical setting

Module / Subject / School:

BMGT2005S: Operations Management

University College Dublin


In the following pages, further details of each assessment component are presented along with expectations in relation to prior preparation and completion.

(i) Continuous Assessment (40%)

The group project requires the students to apply the theories and concepts learnt in the course to a practical setting.

Students are to form teams of up to five (5) to produce a pre-recorded oral presentation. This assignment carries a weightage of 40% of the final grade. One member of the team should upload the presentation to Brightspace not later than the 3rd of July 2022.

Each team is to select a company of its choice, identifying three operations management issues (at least one must be global in nature) and analysing their impact on the company’s performance. You should also provide operations management level recommendations for improvements. The video presentation can be uploaded as a video file or you can type a link to an external platform (youtube, vimeo, etc.) in the comment box of the brightspace assignment. Presentations should last between 10 and 15 minutes. A voice over slides is acceptable, but you can opt for a different format (voice over an original video, recording of the team delivering the presentation, etc.).

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Our Writer’s Comment 

To excel in this coursework, it is important to approach the group project with proper planning and organization. Start by forming a team with individuals who have complementary skills and a strong work ethic. Once the team is in place, set clear goals and responsibilities for each team member to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Next, choose a company that is of interest to the team and identify the operations management issues that are affecting its performance. Make sure to choose at least one issue that is global in nature to showcase your understanding of the topic. Conduct thorough research and analyze the impact of these issues on the company’s performance. Use this information to develop practical recommendations for improvement.

When it comes to the presentation itself, aim to create a professional and engaging presentation that clearly communicates your ideas and insights. Utilize technology and multimedia tools, such as Powerpoint or video, to make the presentation visually appealing and engaging. Practice the presentation several times before recording it to ensure that it runs smoothly and that everyone is comfortable with their delivery.

Remember, the presentation should last between 10 and 15 minutes, so be mindful of time and make sure to stick to the allotted time frame. Finally, make sure to upload the presentation by the deadline and double-check that it is in the correct format. With these tips, you can ensure that your group project is a success and that you receive a high grade on this important assessment component.

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