BIN3023-N: UG Dissertation

BIN3023-N: UG Dissertation

Module / Subject / School:

BIN3023-N: Undergraduate Business Project

Teesside University


Assessments (all assessments are subject to External Examiner confirmation)

Formative assessment

In support of implementation of best practice and in response to feedback from students and staff, a Structured Supervision Framework for the Business Project Module will be utilised which will define a clear ‘Learning Contract’ between Student and Supervisor for all undergraduates taking the module.

Summative assessment

ECA (100%) – 8,000-10,000 word project. The submission will be structured according to guidance offered in the module handbook, with appropriate allowances for potential differences arising from the nature of the project undertaken. The project will afford opportunity for the development of appropriate professional and academic competence and self-refection, and will be assessed by two members of academic staff, one of whom will normally be the project supervisor. All learning outcomes will be assessed.

Summative assessment – 100% End Course Assessment – ECA.

Module learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module the student will be able to:

Knowledge & Understanding

  1. Identify and evaluate existing literature and methodologies in a chosen area of business / management research, and make appropriate and critical use of this literature or methodology.
  2. Undertake an analysis of a particular topic, by making use of an appropriate methodology.
  3. Relate this analysis to the context of the literature on the particular topic through processes of comparison, integration and synthesis.

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