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Aventis School of Management: Is it a Scam? A Thorough Review

Firstly, if you are wondering if Aventis School of Management is a scam…


However, what does Aventis School of Management has to offer?

What are the courses offered by the school?

Are there part time courses with flexible schedules available for professionals?

And… Is it affordable?

Well this blog article got all the information you need about Aventis School of Management so here’s a complete review!

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Firstly, Aventis School of Management was established in 2007, the school is a member of the Executive MBA Council, an international management council established in 1981.

The partnership was fostered in order to further improve executive education through partnerships, research and outreach activities.

Aventis education provides practical business strategies that go beyond concepts and theories, providing experience and advanced learning to enable student intellectual growth and development.

The school also use the unique approach of integrated research and innovation.

Since 2007, Aventis has already produced 1,076 postgraduates and more since the push for continuous learning. 

We’ve recommended a few of their courses here too, in our list of cheapest part time degrees.

Campus and Location

Aventis is located at 100 Orchard Road, Concrode Hotel. The school is only one bus ride away to Orchard and Central Business District (CBD). 

Curriculum and Specialisation

Aventis School of Management focuses on business programmes that are useful for career advancement.

Not only that, these programmes are also useful for professionals who wish to shift the direction of their career. But here’s the catch!

The programmes offered by Aventis are internationally recognised which allows for a wider range of opportunities for their graduates globally!

Aventis is a practical school of choice for working professionals since all programmes offered by Aventis are part time basis.

Aventis is popualr for its Executive Masters and MBA programmes for working professionals. These are offered during weekends and evenings of weekdays in order to adjust to schedules of working professionals.

The program is offered 12 months and has 12 modules 8 of which are core modules and 4 specialisations. (You may click on the link for the list of modules).

The programme is offered for 10 months on part time study basis. The programme has 7 modules with a choice of an Academic Dissertation or Consultancy Project. (You may click on the link for list of modules and for more details).

  • University of Roehampton, London MSc Global Marketing is a programme with a powerful integration of e-marketing and strategic marketing. The programme is best for business advisors and successful business leaders in coping with 21st century’s demand for market-focused experts.

The programme is offered for 9 months. The programme has 7 core modules and a choice of consultancy project or dissertation (You may click on the link for list of modules and for more details).

Not only that! Aside from these MBAs, Aventis also offers Graduate Diploma courses.

All are offered on part time basis.

Psychology & Counselling


There’s more! Aventis also has niche courses: Counter Terrorism and Security and Digital Forensic and Cyber Security. Both are offered for 6 months and can also be taken on a part time basis.

But what is Aventis GPA Requirement?

According to Aventis’ Costumer Support, the school does not have a minimum GPA requirement but the school does require a minimum of 3 years working experience and a completed degree.

How about Aventis GPA Grading System?

Aventis School of Management applies the above grading system in determining a student’s academic standing.

What about fees?

Click on this link to view and download fees for all courses offered by Aventis. Upon review, course fees are relatively reasonable for working professionals and are accordingly priced with the courses.

Who are Aventis School of Management Academic Institution Partners?

Aventis is affiliated with the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), European Council for Business Education (ECBE), Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM UK) and American Association for Financial Management (AAFM).

The school also collaborates with Baruch College (City University of New York), California State University (Sacramento) and Kingston University London.

Accreditation, Ranking and Awards

Aventis is a member and accredited by the following organisations:

First, Aventis is one of the 6 business schools in Singapore registered with Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), it is Europe’s largest network association in the field of management development with over 800 member organizations from 80 countries in the fields of academia, business, public service and consultancy.

Second, the school is a member of the European Council for Business Education (ECBE), an organization affiliated with European Association for quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHE) International Quality Group (IQG).

Third, Aventis is accredited by Center for Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), the world’s largest professional association for sales and marketing professionals.

Fourth, the school is also a member of Executive MBA Council along with Association to Advance Collegiatee Schools of Business International (AACSB International).

There you go! You have everything you need to know about Aventis School of Management.

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