Assignment Help: NUR09721/NUR09136/NUR09400 Management of Chronic Disease

NUR09721/NUR09136/NUR09400 Management of Chronic Disease Assignment Help

Module / Subject / School:


NUR09721/NUR09136/NUR09400 Management of Chronic Disease (Singapore)



To complete your portfolio you MUST use this template. In order to successfully populate your portfolio with evidence you will need to engage with the module content on Moodle, attend the lectures and tutorials.

Once completed, your portfolio will be submitted electronically via Turnitin. Refer to Moodle for guidance on submission of your portfolio via Turnitin (details will also be covered in tutorials).

Portfolio Entry 1

Describe the pathophysiology of the allocated condition, supported by relevant academic literature. (500 words)

You must demonstrate your ability to understand the anatomical and physiological changes that occur for your allocated condition. This should include describing normal physiology and the changes that occur at the cellular, tissue/organ or bodily system level in relation to your allocated condition. This must be evidence based using appropriate academic sources.

Portfolio Entry 2

Write a 2000 word report

 Select one symptom and

  1. Explore how this could affect the patient in the scenario (see the module learning units) (500 words)
  2. Evaluate 1 assessment tool (consider advantages/ disadvantages) (750 words)
  3. Based on best evidence discuss the nursing management required to enable the patient to maximise their health and well-being and self-manage their symptom.

This must demonstrate a holistic approach (physical, emotional, social and spiritual).  You should include reference to the support of family/carers and the role of other members of the multidisciplinary team and the voluntary sector where relevant. (750 words)

(Total 2000 words)

Portfolio Entry 3

In this final section, summarise the key aspects discussed in the portfolio and make recommendations on how learning may influence your future practice (approx. 500 words)


Key aspects discussed in the portfolio (written in the 3rd person)

Recommendations for future nursing practice (written in the 1st person)

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This piece is not easy.

  1. Portfolio Entry 1:

Ensure that you accurately describe the pathophysiology of the allocated condition. Use relevant academic literature to support your explanation. Be clear and concise in your writing, focusing on the anatomical and physiological changes that occur in the condition. Make sure to include information about normal physiology and how it is altered at the cellular, tissue/organ, or bodily system level. Use credible academic sources to back up your statements and demonstrate evidence-based understanding of the condition.

  1. Portfolio Entry 2:

a) Symptom Impact (500 words): Select one symptom and analyze how it can affect the patient in the given scenario. Consider the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual implications of the symptom. Use the module learning units and relevant academic literature to support your analysis. Provide specific examples and explanations to demonstrate your understanding of the symptom’s impact on the patient’s overall well-being.

b) Assessment Tool Evaluation (750 words): Choose one assessment tool related to the allocated condition and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages. Explain why this tool is appropriate for assessing the chosen symptom. Use scholarly sources to support your evaluation and provide a comprehensive analysis of the tool’s strengths and limitations. Consider factors such as reliability, validity, ease of use, and relevance to clinical practice.

c) Nursing Management for Symptom (750 words): Discuss the nursing management required to enable the patient to maximize their health, well-being, and self-management of the symptom. Take a holistic approach, considering the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of care. Include the role of family/carers, other members of the multidisciplinary team, and the voluntary sector when relevant. Base your discussion on best evidence, incorporating current research and guidelines to support your recommendations.

  1. Portfolio Entry 3:

Summarize the key aspects discussed in the portfolio (approximately 500 words) and provide recommendations on how the learning from this portfolio may influence your future nursing practice. Ensure that the summary highlights the main points addressed in the previous entries, emphasizing the key takeaways. For the recommendations, consider how the knowledge gained can be applied to improve patient care, enhance nursing practice, and promote holistic approaches to healthcare. Use the first person to convey your personal insights and reflections on the impact of this learning experience.


Write a concise conclusion that recaps the key aspects discussed in the portfolio, summarizing the pathophysiology of the allocated condition, the impact of the chosen symptom, assessment tool evaluation, nursing management recommendations, and the overall implications for future nursing practice. Ensure a clear distinction between the conclusion’s third-person summary and the first-person recommendations for future nursing practice.

Remember to use proper referencing throughout the portfolio and adhere to the word count limits specified for each entry. Use reliable academic sources to support your arguments and demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject matter. By following these guidelines and providing comprehensive and evidence-based responses, you will increase your chances of scoring well on this portfolio assignment.

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