Assignment help: MAN6070 Innovative Thinking for Organisation Development

Assignment help: MAN6070 Innovative Thinking for Organisation Development

Module / Subject / School:

Birmingham City University

MAN6070 Innovative Thinking for Organisation Development


Part 1 – 3:

You are also required to include an e-portfolio which shows the process of your thinking and should include, along with academic theory where relevant, the following:

• Initial research from observation, desk and field research (stage 1 of DT process) Part 1: 10%
• Define the problem (approx. 350 words) (Stage 2 of DT process) Part 2: 20 %
• Define the solution and its features (approx. 350 words) (Stage 3 of DT process) Part 3: 20%
• A reference list in Harvard format

Part 4:

Required task(s)

The presentation should be in a multi-media format based on an individual basis. You can use other visual aids as well, such as mocked-up product/packaging, 3D printing, modelling, photos, post-it notes and so on. The presentation should be professional, engaging, academically rigorous and demonstrate the effective use of presentation techniques. The presentation is an opportunity for you to provide detail regarding the innovative solution you have come up with to the contemporary problem. Your 15 minute individual presentation should include information on (but not limited to);
Detail on the Design Thinking process – each stage to identify-
• the issue you are going to solve,
• the research you carried out,
• the innovative ideas you came up with and which one you chose to take forward and why
• the prototype
• the testing stage and feedback
• what do you intend, if anything, to do with your idea in the future
Your references page will not be included in the word count, but inline citations used in the main body of the assignment (e.g. Smith and Jones (2010) identified that…) will be included in the word count.

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This piece is very tedious and has multiple parts.

Here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

  1. Multi-Media Format and Visual Aids: Take advantage of the opportunity to present your ideas in a multi-media format. Consider using a variety of visual aids to enhance your presentation, such as mocked-up product/packaging, 3D printing, modelling, photos, or post-it notes. Ensure that these visual aids are relevant, meaningful, and support the understanding of your innovative solution. Use them strategically to engage the audience and effectively communicate your ideas. However, be cautious not to overload your presentation with excessive visuals that may distract from the main message.
  2. Professionalism and Engagement: Maintain a professional tone throughout your presentation. Dress appropriately and speak clearly and confidently. Engage the audience by using appropriate body language, maintaining eye contact, and speaking with enthusiasm. Structure your presentation logically, with a clear introduction, well-organized content, and a concise conclusion. Use storytelling techniques, real-life examples, or compelling narratives to capture the audience’s attention and create a memorable experience.
  3. Academic Rigor and Presentation Techniques: Ensure that your presentation demonstrates academic rigor by integrating relevant theories, concepts, and research findings. Cite credible sources to support your statements and provide a comprehensive understanding of the design thinking process. Use appropriate referencing style for inline citations in the main body of the presentation. Strive for clarity and coherence in your explanations, and avoid jargon or overly technical language that may confuse the audience. Demonstrate your understanding of presentation techniques by using effective visuals, clear speech, and appropriate pacing.
  4. Design Thinking Process: Provide a detailed overview of the design thinking process, highlighting each stage and its significance. Clearly articulate the contemporary problem you identified and the research you conducted to gain insights. Present the innovative ideas you generated and explain the rationale behind choosing a specific solution to move forward. Discuss the development of a prototype, the testing stage, and the feedback received. Finally, share your intentions for the future of your idea, whether it is implementation, refinement, or potential further exploration.
  5. Time Management: Remember that your presentation should be limited to 15 minutes. Practice your presentation to ensure that you can effectively cover all the required information within the given time frame. Be concise and prioritize the most important points. Use visual cues or timing techniques to manage your time effectively and avoid rushing through the content.
  6. References: Include a separate references page for your sources, following the appropriate referencing style. Be mindful that inline citations used in the main body of the presentation will be included in the word count. Ensure that your references are relevant, reliable, and properly cited.

By following these guidelines, you can enhance your presentation’s professionalism, engagement, academic rigor, and effectiveness in conveying your innovative solution.

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