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A day in the life of a manager at inkmypapers (Nick)

a day in the life of a manager at inkmypapers

Technically, I am not exactly a writer but rather, a manager at inkmypapers. I also happen to be the founder as well.

Over the years, we have gone through numerous changes to how we work so we can produce the best work for you (our customers) while our writers remain well rested and motivated to continue writing great essays.

And trust me, writing essays on a day-to-day basis can be tiring very easily so the last point about having them well rested is important.

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Late Start to the day

I usually start late each day at about 11am as I tend to work late into the night as well when we get most of our enquiries. The first thing of the day will always be checking through emails and whatsapp, to make sure that all customers’ enquiries and issues are promptly replied. However, I make sure to spend no more than an hour on this as liaising with all our customers can easily take up the entire day.

After the emails and whatsapp, it will be straight towards looking through all the new orders that came through the previous day.

This is where I need to ask your help on it.

Most customers, for convenience sake, attach the requirements file and do not know much about the assignment. They will miss out on attaching other important documents, lecture notes, generally things that are crucial for us to help them write a great piece of work. I have to look at every single order and “chase” the customers for other necessary documents and instructions required for the assignment. Thereafter, I will select a suitable writer for the piece, and arrange a timing when we can discuss about the piece by going through the order checklist template that we have.

order checklist

The order checklist template that we use to discuss each order

The discussion is two-way: It allows me to explain clearly about the expectations for the order, while the writer can also correct me on anything that I missed out on, or interpret wrongly. This way, we minimise any potential misunderstanding about the order and set out a good structure for the particular order.

All in all, each order’s discussion with the writer will take about 30 minutes to an hour. Together with reading through the documents and liaising with the customer for any missing documents or clarifications, it will take up to two hours before the writer even start working on the assignment.

We derive at this process after numerous trials and errors over the years and according to the feedback we get from our customers, this process seems to allow us to produce our best work efficiently.

Yeah, this is how seriously we take each assignment to ensure only the best work is produced 🙂

We usually receive about 3-5 new assignments each day so this will take up about 2 to 8 hours each day.

Reviewing our writer’s work

After all the order discussions, I will randomly pick assignments that our writers have done to look through. This step is crucial in ensuring that our writers are strictly adhering to the standards that we at inkmypapers has set.

While we used to look through all the papers that our writers have done, we find this incredibly inefficient and very tiring on our managers. As such, random checks provide a perfect balance between quality control and efficiency.

(Oh, and here is a proofreading checklist that we use to review the writer’s work. You can use it to proofread your work as well!)

How writers did for the random piece that we’ve checked will also be relayed to them at the end of each month, where we have the writer’s month end performance review for all the writers that we have here at inkmypapers.

The managers will usually review up to 2 pieces of work each day, depending on how busy we are. Reviewing one piece of work takes about an hour, so this can easily takes up to 2 hours each day.

Catching up with writers

Lastly, because most of our writers work remotely, a few times each week, we (the managers) call the writers to just casually talk. More than just forming bond between us and the writers, it will also help satisfy some much needed social interaction that the writers may need. As this job requires a lot of brain energy, the casual talk also provides a break for the writers to just relax and loosen up.

In summary…

So there it is, a day in the life of my daily job here at inkmypapers. While it has never been busy being a manager or writer here at inkmypapers, we do get a lot of satisfaction from producing quality work and having customers commend us for it. Should you be interested in joining us, do send us an email over at our contact page! We will guide you along with the job application process thereafter.

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