6KNIS609: A literature review: This involves a systematic search and an in-depth analysis of the literature

6KNIS609: A literature review: This involves a systematic search and an in-depth analysis of the literature

Module / Subject / School:

6KNIS609: Dissertation Module

King’s College London


For this module, you are assessed by a Dissertation project. The Dissertation project has two components: a research paper component with a maximum limit of 5000 words (written essay) and a research poster component with a maximum limit of 1000 words.

A literature review: This involves a systematic search and an in-depth analysis of the literature. A literature review provides a critical analysis and synthesis of the sources (literature) you have gathered and read surrounding your subject area. The word “literature” refers to any collection of materials with a title that means anything from a set of government policies to scholarly articles, for example on cardiac disease. The word “review” means that you demonstrate a good understanding of the main published work concerning a title or question in a specific field. Whilst your dissertation will provide a summary of important sources, you are required to critically engage with the text to convey your opinions of it, as well as any critiques that you may have or identified in the literature. A literature review also identifies a “gap” in the literature and makes a case for further investigation and research in order to advance a specific area further.

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Our Writer’s Comment 

In this assessment, since you are required to write a literature review, see to it that you critically evaluate and synthesise the literature you have read and collected in relation to the subject area of your topic. A student doing this assignment must not miss this objective because it will greatly impact the marks that they will be receiving. Ensure that you are able to demonstrate that you have really understood the literature as well as the related theories and concepts that you will discuss in the review. It is also advisable for you to engage critically with the literature. While some students tend to skip the part where they have to identify a gap in the literature they have read for further examination and research, I would recommend that you do not skip it. The more your literature review is complete, the more that you will get the chance to receive higher marks in the assignment.

Take a careful look at the literature before you begin writing your review. You should be able to put together ideas in a cohesive manner to analyse the written work. Make sure you have thoroughly researched for the review and the way you present the information reflects a high degree of precision. Your writing must be concise, making sure that the review is clearly ordered and well-edited. Your description of each step of your analysis will also have to be crisp and well-done. All major points of the work, including an introduction, methods, results and conclusions, will need to be conveyed in a concise manner.

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