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5 Ways You Can Help Us Write Better Assignments

5 Ways You Can Help Us Write Better Assignments


Inkmypapers has been around for eight years. And we wouldn’t have lasted this long if it weren’t for you, our beloved customers! You are the reason why we’re here. That’s why we are continuously finding ways to deliver better service for you guys.

From the moment you place an order, while the paper is being written, and even after you have received the final piece, there are things that you can do to ensure that you get the service you deserve. Here are 5 steps that you can do to help us give you higher scoring papers and a more awesome customer experience.

1. Be clear with your orders

As an analogy, let me share this story. Once there was a hardworking cleaner. Although hardworking, he remained poor. One day, while he was cleaning, he tripped on a bottle which turned out to be magical. After rubbing its sides, a handsome genie came out.

“You have one wish, any wish. Use it wisely,” the genie roared.

The cleaner thought hard, or so it seemed. Then he sheepishly said, “I want money. Lots and lots of money.”

Thunder rolled. Lightning flashed. Then, thousands of 5-cent coins rained on the man.

If anything, I hope the story taught the importance of being clear and specific with the things you ask for. The more specific and clearer you are, the easier it is to get what you want. If the cleaner were wiser, he would have asked for 5 million SGD bills, or something more specific. Instead, he assumed that the genie knew what he wanted even though he didn’t actually verbalise what it was.

Clear orders make it easy for us to give you what you want.

Being clear with your orders means you somehow have a general idea of what the output should be. The questions on your order form and the boxes you tick, such as the instruction, the referencing style, the preferred source- all are designed to make your orders more specific.

So help us help you by being thorough with your orders.


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2. Send the relevant files, such as lecture notes, course readings, and required articles but don’t overdo it

One of the exciting aspects of being a writer in Inkmypapers is that we get to sound like we really know what we’re talking about. And we succeed in doing that 95% of the time. How?

By examining the course materials, marking rubrics, and other relevant files, we get a picture of how your lecturer wants the piece to look like. Using the files you sent for guide, we are able to include the concepts, terms, ideas, and arguments that the lecturer will be looking for. And pieces that lecturers love always score higher!

information overload

However, too many files can be tedious to read through and can take valuable time that writers could have been using to actually write. Whenever you attach any file, we treat it as something important that should be reflected in the essay. So too much of too many concepts may only result to a messy hodgepodge.

So, if you’re ever tempted to send every file possible, do take time to segregate and send those that really matter.

3. Keep the communication lines open 

Of course, there are times when ideas become clearer during the execution part. Things that you, the customer, may have missed even as you tried to be detailed while placing your order and things that we, the writers, may not have considered in our planning may need to be clarified.

That is why we sometimes message you. Our writers are able to liaise directly with the customers though the discussion post tab on the Inkmypapers website. Whenever writers post something on the discussion board, you will get an email notifying you of the post. In addition, our team leaders may contact you directly through WhatsApp, which you can easily be accessed on your phone.

Prompt responses means that we get to work on your paper sooner and have plenty of time to improve it, if needed. However, not responding causes delays especially if the point being clarified is crucial to entire essay. Not responding makes it hard for us to move forward.

If we ever come back to you after you place an order, it’s because we need you so that we can give you a more excellent paper.

So please respond.

4. Tell us how your experience was 

About 40% of our customers get back to us after they get their papers. Most of the time, they do so to ask for revisions or make suggestions to upgrade what we did. These are very helpful and very much valued! They help refine the way we do things and provide important lessons.

Sometimes, we get positive feedback and expressions of gratitude. Simple things, such as “I liked it,” or “It was a good essay,” or “I am satisfied” are like cheesecake to our ears. They feed our soul. They boost our brains. They recharge us so that our commitment to serve you even better is renewed.

At times, though, once the customers get their papers, we seldom hear from them. There is no closure. We can’t tell if they’re happy or if they had a good experience. We don’t know if they found our output run-of-the-mill but was just too bashful to say so. We are left in the dark without ay idea how to make that customer’s experience better.

So, do tell us about your experience with our service. Whether it is a positive or a negative feedback, given respectfully of course, it will be taken constructively and will eventually lead to elevated results.

5. Tell us how your paper did

Never the type to be content with mediocrity, we are always exploring new ways to upgrade our service. Our website has an entire section dedicated to customer testimonials. Although a few samples of positive testimonials confirm that we are doing something right, we still desire to establish this claim with facts and if possible, metrics.

For this reason, we at Inkmypapers have developed a system where a third-party representative will ask you how your ordered pieces did. For some of you, quite some time may have already elapsed since you got the grade. If we ever bug you for the paper’s grade, please know that we only want to raise the standards of our service. And should you make a new order, please keep in mind that you’ll be updating us on how the paper did, after.

Please, tell us how your paper did.

We love our customers and are grateful for the still growing patron base of over 1,000 locals. We want to give it back to you by serving you better. Help us help you.


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