4 Ways to Optimise Your Workflow

Ever wish you could get things quicker, avoid hours of hassle, and impress those around you with your seemingly effortless capabilities? Having a great workflow can help you get things done quicker and more efficiently. Meet tight deadlines without having to sacrifice the quality of your work. We surely cannot increase the number of hours we have in a day, but through learning how to work under pressure, and other ways to optimise your workflow, you can produce better results within the time that is available. 

1. Choose Better Tools

Most students make use of the internet and technology to help them with schoolwork. Since you will be bound to the platform for a long period of time since it can be a hassle to change applications or platforms. Choosing the right software or platform to do work on is important. Find one that meets modern standards and your specific needs. You do not want to risk losing any saved work that you spent time and hard work on. 

When choosing a good tool or platform, consider these factors: 

  • Know your must-have features – find a tool that caters to the needs of your specific course or subject
  • Can your classmates collaborate with you on this platform? – collaboration is a very big part of group project work, so your tool must allow you to invite others to view or edit and communicate with you 
  • Is it compatible with multiple devices? – students use different devices spanning across many brands, choose a platform that is compatible with multiple devices, this would also come in handy when doing group projects

2. Create Smarter Processes

All students write multiple essays, research papers or reflections during their time in school. Surely, all students hope for a smarter way to go about getting them done. One way to optimise the brainstorming process would be to create smarter processes for these repetitive tasks. It can be through creating a template or pooling resources to tap on for a specific type of homework. This largely relies on you to plan ahead, which will allow you to start work quickly whenever you receive an assignment. 

It is impossible to account for every minute detail in the day. However, with such Standards of Protocols (SOPs) in place to guide you, you will be able to place yourself ahead of others even before diving straight into the actual work. 

3. Organisation is Key 

Good organisation is key to an optimised workflow. Each day, set aside some time to sort through the piles of papers on your desk, and the documents on your computer. This saves valuable time, that would otherwise be spent looking for the files and documents you need in a cluttered space. It also removes the chance of important documents getting lost easily. 

So how can you keep your desktop or laptop clutter-free? You could consider implementing a system to go about it. Similar to a folder with dividers think of broad classifications into which your documents can go. If you are a student, perhaps you could have one each for assignments, lecture videos, notes, and presentations. Or you could also organise by modules. A decluttered space means a decluttered mind, and what better way to work than with a clear mind. 

4. Keep a Daily To-Do List

A to-do list can help you keep track of the tasks that need to be completed day by day. It plays a dual role by keeping you focused on your tasks and reminding you of what needs to be done by the end of the day. 

How can you have an optimised to-do list? Organise your tasks by priority. Take some time the night before to write an updated and prioritised list. When you wake up in the morning, tackle the most important and pressing items on your list and move down the list throughout the day. Break the bigger projects into actionable steps so that they don’t feel overwhelming. 

Despite all the efforts put in to have a smooth workflow, it is inevitable for students to feel overwhelmed or find it challenging to keep up with schoolwork. Worry not. Whether you are struggling to find time, or simply just need some guidance, inkmypapers can provide you with help at any given moment. Check out our writing samples and other services now. 


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