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4 Types of Stereotypical Students You Will Meet in University

4 Types of Stereotypical Students You Will Meet in University

As a student, you might have heard adults express this with a touch of nostalgia and sentimentality – “Enjoy being a student. It is the best time of your life”. It might not be evident to you right now, but trust us when we say you should cherish every moment of your fleeting youth. 

University or college life can be challenging academically, but there will not be any lack of fun in those three to four years of your life! If you are lucky, you might even make some great friends that you can keep for life. 

Speaking of friends you might meet in university, Inkmypapers has compiled a list of stereotypical students you might encounter during your four years in school. Read on to find out which one of these students sound familiar to you!

1. The Chao Geng Kia

We are sure you have heard, seen and know at least one Chao Geng Kia in your life. Chao Geng Kia is the colloquial term for individuals who continuously feign sickness or injury to have a valid reason to miss school or work. However, these individuals are most notable in the army during National Service. Contrary to popular belief, Chao Geng Kias do not only exist in Tekong Camp, but they are also present in almost every other context of life. 

These individuals are a mysterious bunch. You don’t know much about them (because you probably don’t seem them much anyway), but they are always present if there is a group project discussion scheduled online. Despite that, you still try your best to shun them whenever there is a group project as you never know when they might feign a fever or cough to skip school and leave you on your own during a class presentation. 

2. The Taiji Master 

The Taiji Master’s forte is shunning and by shunning, we mean shunning of responsibilities and dodging work, especially during group projects where responsibilities are shared. To make matters worse, this particular student is usually talented in public speaking and has a great skillset when it comes to bringing ideas to life – so you cannot do without them during presentations. This talent also allows them to shine during presentations despite not putting in much work behind-the-scenes. 

Our suggestion for you is to take a leaf out of their book and pulla Taiji Master on them and shun them as much as possible whenever you have to form groups for projects. 

3. The Kanchiong Spider

The Kanchiong Spider literally translates to “The Anxious Spider”, a colloquial term for individuals who are overly anxious and paranoid about everything and anything. They would arrive hours earlier for a university examination, bring one colour of every pen to class and has an extra of anything to loan you anytime. 

However, you can also expect them to text you late night to compare notes for the upcoming term paper to check if they are on the right track. They would also ask you what your answer was for a particular question right after the examination ends. The Kanchiong Spider of the class will be the first one to announce any types of changes to class schedule, examination requirements and update the class about the posting of results. While Kanchiong Spiders can make you feel overwhelmed at times, you can always tap on their resources to ensure that you are on the right track as well. 

4. The Hustler

This force is one to be reckoned with. Captain of the basketball team, president of the school’s student union, Straight As and a weekend part-time job to boot – this student seems to have everything you dream of all once. They are extremely hardworking, pleasant to work with and gladly takes on more work during group meetings even though they barely have time to rest. 

While they might like to take control of the direction during group projects (as they probably prefer not to count of others to determine their own grade), you know you will definitely score well with them in your corner as long as you can sit through the intensity. 

Enjoy Life as a Student While You Still Can

University is probably the last time you are going to experience “hall-life” or student life, enjoy it fully and take it all in before you have to enter Singapore’s workforce. Life as a student is definitely unforgettable. Be sure to socialise as much as you can and participate in more activities and events as a networking opportunity to expose yourself to more people. If schoolwork is too overwhelming, simply approach inkmypapers for all the help you need. Whether is it an upcoming research paper, thesis or last minute assignment submission, we have got you covered with our essay writing service

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