4 No-nonsense Tips to Act on Now for a Successful 2021

No-nonsense Tips to Act on Now for a Successful 2021

2020 has been a significantly arduous year for most students around the world, and especially so for individuals who juggle both school and a fulltime job. Significant changes have been made to the way we work, the way we study and even the way we live. 

It is absolutely normal if you broke down amidst the madness of the pandemic and onslaught of work and projects when schools were unable to conduct examinations online. You are only human after all. But to avoid getting burnt out and too fatigued with managing work and school, give our pro-tips a shot and start 2021 on a high note. 

1. Set Monthly Goals – Go Slowly, but Surely

Goal-setting is highly crucial to attain success, but setting yearly resolutions are overrated. Why not try setting smaller, more doable goals weekly towards the ultimate goal instead? Each small goal can help you get stronger and more confident to try more challenging tasks and your weekly progress can give you encouragement to take on the next goal. 

Some important small goals include staying on top of your schedule, keeping work materials and schoolwork separated, scheduling designated time for school and work and avoiding last minute cramming for tests or quizzes. No goal is too small and always remember – slowly but surely. 

2. Be Just 1% Better Than You Were Yesterday

Easy as it sounds, follow this little tip in 2021 and you can end up 37 times better than you were in 2020. Yes, the math checks out. This tip will allow you to master the art of continuous self -improvement, moving you closer and eventually towards your life goals. 

But how and where do you start? The answer is simple – start with improving your mindset. Make no excuses, give and receive constructive criticism, don’t feel sorry for yourself, celebrate other people’s successes and be willing to work hard. Of course these advice sound general, but if you apply them religiously to every aspect of your life, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of where you currently are in a year.

3. Ask, and It Shall be Given

Other than making it a healthy habit on your part to keep your work time and schoolwork time separate, try asking for help from your colleagues or superior for time off or simply less overtime so you can juggle school and work more efficiently. It might feel daunting asking for a favour from your boss, but if you never ask, the answer will always be no. 

However, we understand that not every superior is lenient or easy going. If you really are unable to extend your work deadlines to finish schoolwork, always remember that inkmypapers can easily solve your last minute assignment woes with our essay writing services. Vice-versa, if you prefer to do your schoolwork yourself, you can trust us to craft a professional PowerPoint presentation to impress your boss. 

4. Embrace The Tough Bits and Enjoy the Process

Living in the 21st Century as a working adult, feeling stressed out is unavoidable and inevitable. How you cope with stress will be the key to avoid burning out in 2021. In order to avoid feeling too overwhelmed with piled up work, be sure to take regular breaks while studying or working. Try your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle – lesser late nights and healthier meals. Most importantly, make sure you have sufficient sleep every night as lack of sleep can increase your stress levels and affect your body

5. New Year, New Me?

Forget “new year, new me”, but instead focus on being a better “you”, at least 1% better daily! Juggling work and school is no easy feat, kudos to you for taking up such a tough challenge. If you ever need a helping hand for work or school, remember that inkmypapers will always be happy to assist you. 


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