4 Best Ways to Relax After a Long School Semester

4 Best Ways to Relax After a Long School Semester


The last couple of weeks of a school semester can be rather overwhelming for many students in Singapore. The weeks are typically characterised by sleepless nights spent going through books in the library, preparing for tests, completing practice papers, and doing everything possible to get the best grades possible. For those in their final year, the end of a semester can be even more stressful since it is their last shot at pulling up their Grade Point Average (GPA).

This is why it makes sense to unwind after a long and tiring school semester. Take this opportunity to treat yourself, relax and focus on your mental health.

Here are some of the best ways to treat yourself after a long school semester:

1. Catch Up on Lost Sleep

Sleep is essential for mental wellness, but sadly, sufficient sleep is a luxury for part-time students as they are probably among some of the most sleep-deprived individuals. This is because they have to endure late hours working on assignments and studying for exams on top of working a day job.

Keep in mind that students also need time for their social life and recreational activities, further reducing their time for sleep or rest. Now that the school term is over, there is no better time to get some shuteye.

2. Work Out

The end of the semester is not an excuse to be a couch potato. It is a time to get back in shape by exercising after spending long hours studying at your desk, living a sedentary lifestyle while stress-eating bags of potato chips.

Take this time to exercise and get back into the momentum of working out regularly to get your blood pumping. There is no shortcut to fitness. You can hit the gym or go for a run in the sun, it doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you move and break a sweat.

If cardio is not your thing, there are plenty of alternatives to ensure a healthy lifestyle or get back into shape. Activities such as dancing and yoga can help release tension from your body and teach you meditation at the same time.

Besides, yoga is a great way to destress, reduce feelings of anxiety and negative emotions that you might have accumulated during the stressful weeks towards the end of the semester.

3. Spend Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

After spending weeks holed up at the library studying for your final examinations, It is essential to get time to treat yourself once school is out. But don’t forget to spend some time with your loved ones. Be sure to pay your family some attention and thank them for the support that they have provided you during a stressful time. Maybe you can take them out with you for some relaxing activities as well!

4. Relax With Good Music and Films

Music is a valuable tool to stimulate the mind and, at the same time, soothe a tired body. If you are still feeling overwhelmed by the stressful experiences of last semester, put on some soothing tunes to help you relax and unwind. Better still, compile a holiday playlist filled with cheery songs that can lift your mood any day.

Besides listening to music, you can also go on a movie marathon on Netflix to catch up on all the movies and series that you missed while studying. Laugh it out over a rom-com or cry your stress away watching a touching film.

Now that you have all the time in the world with no deadlines or exams looming ahead, you have the freedom to rest, have fun, socialise or simply do nothing at all. Go on and seize the day!


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