3 Ways to Impress Your Boss at Work

3 Ways to Impress Your Boss at Work


In a perfect world of meritocracy, we would only be judged for our quality of work and efficiency at work. However, that is not the case, and very often, we find ourselves having to go above and beyond our job scope to leave a good impression or impress our superiors. 

The skill needed to impress your boss is a refined one – you can’t be too obvious about it, you might get a bad reputation around the office of being a bootlicker, and no one likes a bootlicker. But at the same time, you can’t be too subtle about it as you would want your boss to know that you take his or her views seriously. Becoming a master at the art of impressing your boss might not seem like much, but it can help you leave a strong impression on your higher-ups in the long term, and you will be seen as someone who can build strong networking relationships at work, which might just spare you from getting the boot during rough times. 

So how exactly should you go about leaving a good impression on your superiors? Here are some ways you can try.

1. Know Your Boss

Before embarking on your mission to please your boss, you have to first know what kind of superior they are. Identify how your boss comments about work output from your team or from individuals and find out if they mostly look for quality or quantity of work. The key to this is to recognise how employee performance is evaluated in your company. 

If you are working in the office with your superior most of the time, improve your standing by never allowing them to catch you not doing work. This means understanding that your boss likes to see staff being maximising their time in the office being productive. Earn plus points by doing overtime in the office instead of bringing work home as your boss will have no way of seeing you work past your hours if you head clock off on time. 

2. Stay Relevant 

Other than working during office hours, show your superiors that you are passionate about the industry and the work you do by reading up on industry news and suggest new ways to improve daily standard of procedures. Send interesting and helpful articles to your team groupchats (the ones with your boss, of course) to show that you are taking initiative to improve your team’s quality of work even after working hours. This can also help to portray yourself as a team player by sharing tips and new knowledge with your colleagues regularly. 

3. Beat Your Deadlines 

Instead of turning in your work on time, why not complete them before they are due? Delivering your work ahead of schedule will show good time management and high efficacy in your role. One good way to achieve this would be to “underpromise and over deliver” – setting a slightly longer turnaround time in order to turn in the task early. 

However, tread lightly when using this method as constantly beating your deadlines might lead you to come off as having too little on your plate to your other team members. Also ensure that your completed work is of high quality as delivering subpar work early can lead your plan to impress your boss to backfire. 

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