3 Life Hacks for University Dorm Life

3 Life Hacks for University Dorm Life


3 Life Hacks for University Dorm Life

Dorm life is one of the most interesting aspects of university life in Singapore. Commuting in Singapore is not a significant challenge given the small size of the country, but many university students still prefer to live in student dorms just to have a taste of the “hall life” experience. This is because living in shared quarters allows you to bond quickly with other students, learn more life values, and start your journey of living as an independent adult.

However, there are a few challenges you have to prepare for before you move into a university dorm. For instance, moving in can be a challenge for most students. After you have completed all the necessary paperwork and payment, you will need to stock up on your own supply of food, toiletries and other essentials.

On top of that, you will have to adhere to hall rules. Fortunately, most students living in school dorms find the experience worth the hassle.

Want a fuss-free time setting up your very own room? Follow these three hacks from inkmypapers!

1. Make Yourself Comfortable

Your room within the school dorm will be your sanctuary in both tough and good times for months, your home away from home. You should definitely make yourself as comfortable as possible since your living environment can easily affect your mood and focus while studying or doing schoolwork.

Spruce up the room

To make the dorm room as homey as possible, you may consider bringing along several items from your home. After all, this will be your new home for at least one semester. Bring your favourite reading lamp, scented candle or your trusty security blanket to feel completely at home.

Make your furniture more comfortable

Other than making your room cosy, you should also consider getting a comfortable mattress for your bed. Dorm beds are usually tough and thin. You’d think that university authorities globally conspired to ensure that you sleep less and study more (we kid).

To prevent yourself from getting backaches from a hard bed, spare yourself the discomfort and purchase your own mattress. You can also improvise by adding a soft mattress topper or comforter to the bed to make it softer.

To further prevent back pains, you can also make your study chair more comfortable by adding back support or cushion. This way, you can ensure that your spinal health is protected. After all, you will be spending long hours on the chair studying and completing assignments. So go ahead and make the chair more comfortable by adding a back support. This will not only keep you going for hours without pain but will also be good for your posture and spinal health.

2. Get Organised

You wouldn’t want to live with a messy roommate. Well, neither does your roommate! If you don’t want to get on the wrong side of your roommate that you will be living with for the upcoming months, keep to the golden rule between roommates – keep your side clean and tidy.

Being organised is quite simple with self-discipline and a little help from space savers and organisers. There are many types of closet and room organisers, such as laundry bins and portable clothes racks that you can easily set up in your dorm rooms to maximise space and reduce clutter.

For most students, miscellaneous items seem to always end up on their study tables somehow. A messy table is a sign of a cluttered mind, so get rid of the mess by keeping your stationery well organised in available drawer spaces. As for your daily trips to the communal bathroom for showers, you might want to make sure your toiletry stuff is neatly packed in a good toiletry bag for maximum convenience.

 3. Personalise Your Room

Add a personal touch to your room using simple items that you can get for cheap online. Even though dorm rules do not allow any permanent fixtures, holes to be drilled in the walls, there are endless other hacks you can use to temporarily decorate your room to make it uniquely yours.

Room decoration is also fun as it allows you to express your creativity in your own personal space. Get your room lit and pretty with fairy lights that can be strung above the windows, hooked above the door or anywhere you like. If you are looking to change up the colour of the walls, you can cover the wall in temporary peel and stick wallpaper of your choice, since painting the room is not allowed.

Create Your Dream (Dorm) Room Today

Living in a school dorm is a once in a lifetime experience. Embrace the good and the not-so-good parts, as you will definitely find yourself missing it in future! Follow our nifty tips to create a comfortable and cosy dorm room for you and your roommate for the rest of the semester!


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