2005 MKT: Marketing Strategy Report (Individual Report)

2005 MKT: Marketing Strategy Report (Individual Report)

Module / Subject / School:

2005 MKT: Marketing Management

Coventry University


You have decided to launch a new premium brand of instant health food in Singapore. You are required to prepare a detailed marketing plan for the launch to ensure its success. The plan must have proper analysis and appropriate marketing strategies to ensure profitability, growth, and sustainability.

Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of marketing planning theoretical frameworks to design, implement and evaluate a marketing plan.
2. Analyse, problem solve and apply marketing concepts and techniques effectively. (lectures 3-8)
3. Demonstrate knowledge and practical skills in the use of Information Technology in marketing planning analysis

The report must include the following:
1. Proper PSB Cover Page with the report title, module code, module title, names of the students in the group, SID numbers, course, date submitted, and word count
2. Table of Contents including appendices
3. Executive Summary (of no more than two A4 size pages – this will not be included in the word count)
4. Main Report
5. List of References and Bibliography
6. Appendices (as appropriate)
7. Header and Footer with Title and Page Numbers respectively
8. Names of all group members doing the project

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

In making a detailed marketing plan for this assignment, you have to ensure to have a proper analysis as well as use suitable marketing strategies that will guarantee growth, profitability, and sustainability. Getting a good mark in this assignment requires you to be able to clearly demonstrate your understanding of marketing planning theoretical frameworks in designing, implementing, and evaluating a marketing plan. Not only that, but if you want to create a quality output, you also need to apply the marketing concepts and techniques in an effective manner and demonstrate your knowledge and skills in using IT in analysing a marketing plan.

You will be able to get high marks if you do these things together with making sure that you check the assessment criteria and marking scheme as you do the assignment. As the guide suggested, you must use online sources (e.g., Mintel, KeyNote, Datamonitor, Euromonitor) and financial databases (e.g., Reuters, FT, EIU) to research more generic market information and trends in the market. This will help you create a more in-depth discussion and analysis in the report.

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