1101NRS: For this assignment you must write an annotated bibliography

1101NRS: For this assignment you must write an annotated bibliography

Module / Subject / School:

1101NRS: Professional Communication for Nurses

Griffith University


The purpose of this written assignment is to enable you to practise key skills such as searching, reading, organising information, summarising and reflecting on information contained in journal articles. These skills are necessary for effective communication in the academic environment and in nursing practice.
For this assignment you must write an annotated bibliography.

In your annotated bibliography (AB), you must include annotations (250 words each) of three journal articles.

You should provide an introductory paragraph about the aims and structure of the AB and following the actual annotations provide a recommendation paragraph that identifies aspects of effective communication you have learned from reading the articles and how you will implement these into your nursing practice. The total word count is 1000 words.

You may write this section using first person language.

• Select and read three journal articles from those in the Readings folder on the Learning@Griffith 1101NRS course site.
• For EACH article you must write a 250-word annotation that includes:
• An outline of the main premise of the article.
• A summary of the main ideas, findings and conclusions.
• An identification and justification of the intended audience: (a) Who is the intended audience? (b) Why do you think that?
• The Citation (using APA7th Referencing guidelines)

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Our Writer’s Comment 

In order to excel in this annotated bibliography coursework, it is essential to understand the purpose of this assignment. The annotated bibliography requires you to critically evaluate three journal articles and reflect on their significance in the field of nursing. The annotations of each article must outline the main premise, summarize the key ideas, findings, and conclusions, and identify the intended audience.

To start, it is important to choose high-quality journal articles that are relevant to your topic. This can be done by conducting a thorough search of academic databases and filtering results based on keywords and publication date. Once you have selected your articles, it is crucial to thoroughly read and take notes on each one. This will help you to identify the main ideas and supporting evidence, as well as understand the authors’ perspectives.

In writing your annotations, it is important to maintain a clear and concise writing style. Begin each annotation with a brief overview of the article and its main premise, then move on to summarizing the key ideas, findings, and conclusions. When identifying the intended audience, it is important to provide evidence from the article to support your argument. For example, you may consider the language and tone of the writing, the research methods used, or the author’s qualifications and background.

Finally, it is important to reflect on the articles in the context of your own nursing practice. Consider the implications of the findings and how you can apply them in your work.

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