10 Best Excuses for Not Completing Your Assignment

10 Best Excuses for Not Completing Your Assignment

Have you ever woken up one day and realised it’s already Thursday, but your brain feels like it’s only Tuesday? The assignment you thought you had two more days to complete, was already due. What is there left to do? Go to the nearby clinic, feign a cold, get a medical certificate to weasel your way out of attending class today, and then use the day to complete the assignment? It sounds pretty feasible but is it worth it to miss class and also spend money visiting the doctor for a cold you don’t have? Why not give our 10 best excuses for not completing your assignment a shot, you might just get yourself out of trouble successfully and get a deadline extension! 

1. The “I Lost My Backpack” 

You spent hours completing the assignment last weekend at a neighbourhood Starbucks, you were knackered and fell asleep on the taxi ride home. The taxi screeched to a halt and you were jolted awake when the car got to your block, you alighted in a rush and your backpack which contains your assignment is now sitting at the lost and found centre at the taxi company’s headquarters. 

“I will go get my bag after class and submit it next lesson, I promise!” – Will your lecturer say no?

Difficulty level: ⅖

2. The “My Computer Crashed”

A classic excuse, but challenging to pull off. Might not guarantee results, but if you bring along a spoilt laptop as evidence, you are good to go. 

Difficulty level: ⅘

3. The “A Close Relative Died” 

Grief is intangible and most importantly, immeasurable. Your lecturer or teacher can never doubt your grief or how “close” this relative is to you, so this excuse is almost fullproof. Embellish the sob story with some anecdotes or memories with your “close relative”, plus points if you shed some real tears.

Difficulty level: ⅗ (without tears)

4. The “I Forgot About It” 

It is only human for people to forget sometimes, simply explain to your lecturer that you are working full-time and your boss is much scarier than her and doesn’t give any leeway for your other commitments. 

“Prof… You are more understanding than my boss, right?”

Difficulty level: ⅘

5. The “I Left It At Home” 

We are sure you have used this excuse before in secondary school, it felt fullproof as there would almost be no chance our teachers would send us home to get our assignments. However, university lecturers might just call your bluff on this flimsy excuse, so proceed with caution.

Difficulty level: ⅘

6. The “I Didn’t Know How to Do It” 

This only works for assignments with a short lead time (preferably less than 3 days). Do not use this excuse only to have your professor rebuke you for having no initiative to ask for help during the past week. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to be punished twice for one assignment. 

7. The “I Had Conflicting Work Deadlines” 

The only other deadlines that students fear apart from school deadlines are work deadlines. Since bosses are usually stricter and more rigid on their employees than teachers are with students, it will be easy to convince your lecturer. 

Difficulty level: ⅖

8. The “I Was On MC”

Nobody falls sick on purpose, as long as you have a valid medical certificate, we are sure that your professor will agree to extend the deadline for you for as long as you were sick for. If you have a flair for the theatrics or an existing medical condition, you can even try getting a 10-day hospital leave from the hospital. 

Difficulty level: ⅕ (for medical certificate)

9. Just Tell The Truth

More often than not, teachers and lecturers respect students who are brave enough to be honest with them. If you were swamped at work and had no time to complete your school assignment, let your lecturer know that you need some help with the deadline. Ensure that they are aware of any struggles you are facing, and they might just go easy on you. Furthermore, it might not be worth it to ruin your teacher’s impression of you over an assignment.

Difficulty level: ⅗ 

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