07-36178: Evaluating the Transition to Net-Zero Emissions as a Responsible Business Practice & Towards a Sustainable Future: A Sector-Based Approach. Responsible Business: Theory and Practice assignment

07-36178: Evaluating the Transition to Net-Zero Emissions as a Responsible Business Practice & Towards a Sustainable Future: A Sector-Based Approach. Responsible Business: Theory and Practice Assignment

Module / Subject / School:

07-36178: Responsible Business: Theory and Practice

University of Birmingham


Detail the tasks students are expected to complete as part of the assignment remit.

Countries worldwide have raised their climate ambition to transition to net zero emissions by or around mid-century/2050 to adapt and build resilience to climate change impacts, and Singapore is no exception. As a  responsible business expert, you have been contacted to join a Government Task Force to advise how the different sectors should adapt to this transition plan while ensuring a commitment to responsible business practices. For example, one addressing the circular economy and value chain sustainability issues, including Singapore’s sustainable development (SDGs) promise. For  the  initial engagement,  you  have  been  tasked  with  selecting  one  business  sector  and preparing a report that outlines:

  1. The likely positive and negative impact on this sector of this transition plan,
  2. Any benefits, challenges/obstacles and opportunities to this transition regarding the citizens, sector/businesses, employees, government and regulators?
  3. How the sector/business might benefit from the application of other responsible business decision-making practices to other parts of their operations, e.g. the application of circular economy principles and addressing issues within the supply chain,
  4. Identify three ways the Government could fully support or incentivise the sector and businesses to participate in this transition.

Below are the sectors you may choose from within Singapore’s context:

  • Manufacturing and Construction Sector
  • Built Environment and the Housing Stock
  • Transport Sector
  • Retail Sector

What we score:


Our Writer’s Comment 

This assignment tests students on their understanding of the concepts.

Based on the assignment requirements provided, here are some comments to help students score well on this assignment:

  1. Selecting a Business Sector: Choose one of the business sectors provided within Singapore’s context. You have the following options: Manufacturing and Construction Sector, Built Environment and the Housing Stock, Transport Sector, or Retail Sector.
  2. Analyzing the Impact of the Transition Plan: Assess the likely positive and negative impacts of the transition plan on the chosen sector. Explore how the sector may be affected by the shift to net zero emissions by mid-century/2050. Consider both the direct and indirect consequences of the plan on the sector.
  3. Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities: Identify and discuss the benefits, challenges, obstacles, and opportunities associated with the transition plan. Examine how the plan may impact citizens, sector/businesses, employees, government, and regulators. Analyze the potential advantages and disadvantages for each stakeholder group.
  4. Responsible Business Decision-Making Practices: Explore how the chosen sector/business can benefit from the application of responsible business decision-making practices beyond the transition plan. Consider areas such as circular economy principles and addressing issues within the supply chain. Explain how implementing these practices can enhance the sector’s overall sustainability and responsible business practices.
  5. Government Support and Incentives: Propose three ways in which the government can fully support or incentivize the sector and businesses to participate in the transition plan. Provide concrete suggestions that can encourage active engagement and facilitate a smoother transition for the sector. Consider policy measures, financial incentives, regulatory frameworks, or collaborative initiatives that can support the sector’s efforts.

By addressing these tasks thoroughly and integrating relevant research and analysis, you can effectively demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter and score well on the assignment

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