Argumentative Essay (SIM University)


Should the government allow the two lottery operators to offer online betting?


In about 1000 words, write a persuasive argumentative essay defending your position in order to argue for your particular stance on this issue. Other than providing supporting arguments for the position you take on this issue, you MUST anticipate objections and provide counterarguments to write the paper.

Word Count / Required: 

1048 / 1000 (Parts of the essay is removed from the preview)

Writer’s Comment:

This essay question is a fairly standard argumentative essay that schools usually gave to their students to work on.

As this is an argumentative essay, you will have to provide two sides of the argument and ultimately pick on a particular stance. Take note that you should always provide an introduction and conclusion for any essays. You can see in the preview that the introduction is about 8-12% of the total essay word length which is ideal.

A standard 1,000 word essay like this usually will contain about 6-10 references.


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